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Joined Jun 1, 2011
what did you think about Night 1 compared to Night 2 😏
If you removed the Reigns match, night two was a cool Raw episode. Night one was a big feel from start to finish.

Bad Bunny throwing better punches and taking better bumps than some actual wrestlers is both funny and sad. Props to him for truly locking in. He easily could’ve been super protected like past celebs (or even worse, like TNA did Pac-Man Jones:sick:), but he chose to be legit and that was cool to see. Miz/Morrison are probably the perfect foils for something like that.
Joined Mar 31, 2011
He might not be back. Has something to do with covid protocols I read
So he might not be back at all because of COVID protocol? That doesn't make sense :lol:

That would more so just explain why he wasn't there over the weekend.
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