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Please share your thoughts on this match:
The intimate setting weirded me out at 1st, but semi got over it. This was nice experience to watch and further confirmed the genius of Bayley and her crowd engagement ability. Kurt Angle, The Rock, Eddie, definitely The New Day, Britt Baker, Usos, Kota, Okada, Naito, Sasha... I am so high rn just naming names, but yeah, you gotta get that crowd involved if you want to grow. Little man was the heel not heeling enough, and my guy w/ the hair was too Quiet. You be that, especially w/ a smaller crowd. Naito didn't do ****, but uncaringly express who he doesn't care towards the ppl. Sometimes they like that, sometimes they don't, for good reasons. Aleister Black just does that intense look and the vibes are like sonar b/t him and the fans.

They also need to work on their strikes b/c they're too safe. and get another camera. The ref constantly going to the right to not block the shot was ****ing **** up (but i get it). Also, what was up w/ the commentary really matters. I loved Booker, Cole, and Corey together. Pure entertainment. They were unique as hell :rofl: All in all this wasn't bad at all and I licked the finish.

It's amazing how these 2 make this **** look easy. Up and comers should watch basic but very good matches like this, and not just the poppin acclaimed ones. Not ever match is a "big" match. These 2 have the basics down to a tee:

Kevin is commentary gold. Just amazing. The should point him on there when he's a bad guy to heal up any nagging injuries.
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matt hardy is not entertaining unless hes broken. he hasnt really been broken since he was in tna.

ross called darby barbie and then derby when he went up that ladder 😂
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