May's Jordan Brand News Updated May 29

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Dec 8, 1999
Better late than never, right?

Below, you'll find a collection of images from a Japanese product catalog, first posted on NikeTalk in this post by td n tn and appear to have originated from Japanese sneaker site Sue Sports.




For those interested in the XIX Lows, take a look at these recent picks of the lifestyle versions. These images, first seen on eBay, were brought to NikeTalk in this post by member Joejoebob2099.



To clarify: the second shoe pictured is light grey, not white, and the third shoe pictured is obsidian, not black. Obsidian is a dark navy, the same shade as the obsidian/white air jordan XV.

Here's a set of official and pictures of the hotly anticipated Retro + versions of Air Jordans IV, XIII, and I Low. If the image of the Cool Grey IV+ doesn't work, simply right click on where the image should appear, click properties, highlight and copy the URL, and paste it into your browser's address bar. If this turns out to be the case, we'll rehost the image ourselves within the near future.




Update for May 29

We have an assortment of images and news items for you today, most of which I hope will eliminate some of the repetitive topics that have been popping up lately.

First up, though I myself have yet to see a production pair (Remember, guys, I get my news from NikeTalk just like most of you) NT Member Alphaproject appears certain that the Olympic VII will have a 9 at the heel. Check his post here for the full quote.

Next, yes, by now we all know that the XIII cleat is available at Click here to visit the product page on Please, guys, use the Search feature before you post any news. We appreciate that you want to contribute to the site, but please go the extra mile for us and make sure that your news hasn't become old news.

Now, let's get to some pics, shall we?

First up, I know you're all interested in this mystery shoe.

and this image, which resembles the patterns that have been laser engraved on a variety of shoes to date.

These images were originally posted to NikeTalk in this thread by member AirKB8, and apparently originate from

1.5 pics? Why not.
Let's start with the familiar white/carolina blue version:





Now let's take a look at the Black version:




For release date and price information on these and other Jordan brand product up through the end of 2004, please refer to our Release Date post.

For previous months' news posts, consult the Archives.

those 13's are smoother than cocoa butter :wow:

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Yahoo Finance has a currency converter. Here's a link:

Remember, this isn't necessarily a great way to ascertain the retail price of these shoes in the US. For instance, 22,000 Yen roughly amounts to $193, and we all know that the XIX SE will not be $193.

For US prices, check out our release date post.
If we're missing prices, please fill us in.

In general, I don't like to include any speculation within these official NikeTalk news posts. I don't doubt that many of these rumors begin honestly, but the simple truth of the matter is that plans change all too quickly and what's true on Monday can be proven false by Friday. You can drop names and cite the most prestigious source you like, but if the plans change - you will be held responsible by those who feel deceived or misled. As a result, we like to have the utmost confidence in the news items we select for official posts.

Remember, these news posts aren't a one-sided effort. Any additions you'd like to make via reply are welcome.

we really appreciate the time and effort u put into these post for us Meth....Thanks for the News.
yo meth, here are the other pics from my post. i lost my host a few days ago thats why they weren't on there anymore. host off of NT's server please because i might lose my host again. thanks

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oh well a. . .glory be, the funk's on me babbo. well its 1975 and um, we just be keepin that funk alive baby-Bootsy Collins
Can td n tn or Method Man please answer this question, ok td n tn hosted pics of the Olympic VII's w/ the #9 on the back, are those actual pics of the Olympics VII's being released? or are those old pics?

Because I read on NT somewhere, from a VERY reliable source (so they say) that JB is not releasing the Oly VII's with the #9 on the back...can one of you guys please clarify for me...I am also going on what Method Man said about news on up and coming releases that can change considerably before the release dates...any information will be great, thanks.
the only thing(s) i am getting are the olympic 7s, still thinking about those grey 4s :\

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The XIX SE, retro IV, the midwest regionals, and maybe the VII's will deffinately be copped....the XIX lows r :x
the 7s is the only one i am thinking of getting for now.

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thanks for the pic td n tn and meth. I've been waiting for the post for 18 days. can't wait for the fours and sevens.
Td n tn, thanks for the additional pics. We'll get those hosted soon.

Kix: I haven't seen a production pair of the olympic 7s, but from everything I've heard within the past year or so, I think it's reasonable to expect that there will be a 9 at the heel.

With virtually all of these pictures, keep in mind that even 'official' product images on sites like and are generally pictures of samples and NOT actual production pair. As such, alterations may occur - such as the change to a white midsole on the white/black/taxi XII lows or the black-red piping on the white/black/red Air Jordan II retro. Typically, we get our first glimpse of actual production pair on eBay, as eBay appears to be a common destination for production pair leaked from factories.

Since the Jordan 1 Lows are less than a month from release, I would expect images of production pair to surface within the near future - and at that time we'll know for certain whether or not they'll have clear soles, etc. At present, I simply don't have an answer for you.

The "Cocoa Butter" XIIIs are growing on me...

But why the official pic if they are only supposed to be available at "urban account" stores? |I

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