McDonald's thread - Travis Scott x McDonald's Out Now !

Joined Mar 19, 2013
I’ll try them just this once but I won’t be surprised if I don’t finish them. It’s McDonald’s you know.
Joined Oct 13, 2001
Damn, McDonald's getting their own thread?

I thought all Fast FOod Chicken talk went into the CFA/Popyes thread
Joined Mar 24, 2018
Not gonna lie. Copping both, flurry and nuggets. Pretty sure nuggets is all hype, just a regular nugget with some heat. And I'm sure the the chips ahoy flurry won't touch my Cookie's and Cream, but it's a good excuse to eat bad.
Joined Jul 18, 2012
Speaking of updating I the only one annoyed when their menus on the screen behind the counter start changing before you can finish reading it? You be in the middle of ordering when you have to wait for it to return after a few cycles :lol: :smh:
Whole Foods smoothie bar menu is like that. So I asked the barista for a physical menu and she handed it to me begrudgingly. Like wth you cranky for, vegan prick. :rolleyes
Joined Aug 10, 2003
I'm a have to try this one time... I go to McDonald's often but not for the nuggets...I do have a coupon for large fries for a dollar so when I get that I will try the spicy nuggets as well...prally take it home though so I can have my own diet soda
Joined Jan 4, 2014
This is a power move only bc it’s about to force CFA hand. Once they do it’s over insert Vince Carter gif.
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