Meek Millz is a fowl dude

Joined Oct 20, 2012
Meek instagram his ex-producer asking for money....showing his number and everything

Producer responds on radio station saying he getting threats

never was a fan of this dude in the first place, but damn gotta do it like this to one of your producers?
i ain't even mad Meek ain't gave the do 5k, I'm just mad he is trying to expose his ex-boy like a ***** smh...Meek going broke in 5 years top either way
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He's a lame for putting him out there like that, but I can't blame him for not giving him the money.  

There was an interview with 50 cent where he talks about this.  He said he was always hesitant about going through his old hood and just giving his old friends

money because if they decide to go and buy work with it could wind up looking like you funded it directly


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dude wasn't a real friend he was an associate I wouldn't give him nothing either..but meek should of gave him somethin in the past from the songs he produced
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That **** lame puttin it up for everybody to see. Im pretty sure all these rap ****** hear **** like that everyday, say yes/no n keep it moving. He really showed what kinda ***** he is trynna "expose" dude for no reason
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"The Meek shall inherit the Earth? Well that's exactly what Meek gon' inherit, when he buried in dirt"
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both parties are weak for this.

dude asking really said the money was because he doesn't wanna "tell his bm no" when she asks for things. wtf type of excuse is that? i think what meek told him was real but putting it out there for everyone to see is weak.
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It's his money so he can do what he wants, but I thought it was real lame of him to put him on blast like that.
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he had to make an example outta dude to keep future leeches off his back

cats will think 2 and 3 times before asking for money if its not a serious matter

that producer wouldn't ask his own mom for 5k, meek is just the money man to alotta cats
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He's a lame for putting him out there like that, but I can't blame him for not giving him the money.  
if u aint even got meek phone number how u expect him to just tear u off 5 racks on GP 
Thought this was mad corny of Meek.
Word . . . I wouldn't just hand out 5k like that either but say no and keep it moving, no need to expose him on IG . . .
looks at s/n, reads post again. 
 but i strongly agree with all this ^^
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yo op, your title got a spelling error. fowl = 

(unless if you meant that in some way i don't understand & completely flew over my head 


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people thats saying meek is corny, etc.. probably the same ones thats usually begging on the regular and dont get nothin
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