Memphis, TN NTers: Shoe spots?

May 29, 2001
I may be going to Memphis next weekend with a friend. What are some good places to go pick up some shoes? I gotta friend who is getting me into the Nike Employee Store, but anywhere else to do some shoe shopping?
Wow is that it for memphis? There has to be more spots. My parents moved there almost 3 years ago but I only go in the summer when Im on Vacation from school(University of Maryland) so ususally I do my shopping In the MD/DC/VA area but Im going home this winter break and I need to do my research for sneaker spots.Ive only shpped at the R.Soles once but its pretty much some trash. Overpriced kicks and clothing I remember they were selling the Laser V's for 250 andonly sold them to you if you bought the ugly Jordan T to go with it. Can anyone shed some light on some spots in memphis or in the surrounding area. Can anyonegive mesome info on the nike store in memphis and what I need to do to get in and shop. BTW what spots in the memphis Area get the DMP when it dropped? Thanksfor any type of info.
Bump. Anyone? Show some love Memphis. If its on top secret level at least shoot me a PM.
umm basically the Rsole/Nike Emp. store/Sammys Man of Fashion has a few nice kicks every now and then/City Gear are the only spots i can think of...if u areinto gucci, ferragamo, etc u might want to check out Oak Hall. Selection is basically pretty far as exclusiveness/limited items. Good luck.
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