Men:Letting your spouse choose if a parent can live with you......

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I work in social services and deal with people who are experiencing homelessness Its been a while and I notice that a lot of parents get no love with living with their children even for a short time.In particular I notice wives are putting a block on letting the mother live in the house.

Now I know it can be annoying having an in law around. My grand mom on my dad side used to live with us back in the day and when she started acting up my mom said she had to leave BUT she went and stayed with her sister so she did not become homeless because of it. My mother would not have made her leave if she knew that doing that would have her on the streets. And to this day says she regretted kicking her out.

We get so many older people saying the wife didn't want blah blah.... One lady said she cant stay with her son because the wife has a cat and she is allergic and though the son wouldn't mind getting rid of the cat the wife does :smh:

I love me some cats but come on.

So my question to the men, would you let your mom/dad sleep on the streets because your wife said so?
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I wear the pants [emoji]128086[/emoji].
If my folks need to stay at the crib they can stay.
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**** outta here
I'm not letting the woman who I met X years back trump the woman who brought me in this world, regardless of how good her ill na na is.

Now let's say I have my own spot, and shorty lives with me rent free, and she wants to bring her parents through to stay, without running it by me first..I ain't with it. She has no say in how I run my spot that I pay for.
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Woman have bigger egos than men.(mens egos are more fragile)

With that being said its a turf thing b, From the actual area in the crib to the attention of the husband and kids, a wife can get real petty and try to throw that block up

P.S. Any woman on some petty steeze like the situations explained in the OP can kick rocks b.
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I'll split a B **** if she fix her mouth to try and tell me my mama can't live in my house, and then give her a close up of the front door on her way out.  Jazzy Jeff that joe
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I believe it would be a decision me and the wife would make very quick because if either one of our moms need a place to crash.......our second bedroom is always open for them.
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I used to never want parents living with me but now that I am older, I think I am okay with it. In the Bay Area, it's just hard to come by as is and if your family doesn't have a steady income, having them move in is just a no brainer. I would think everyone would be okay with it at this point but again, that is here in the Bay Area.
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That is family. It's not a unilateral decision, and a discussion will be had to air out any feelings, but at the end of the day, that is family.
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Some yall the kind of folks that put they folks in a home and forget about em.

Chicks come and go but my parents will always come first over ANYBODY in my life.


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My mom is single, has no retirement savings, and she is her early 50s.

I know there will come a day when me or my sister will have too take care of her.

If I find a potential wife, I'm letting it be known early, if the time comes I'm taking in my mother.

And it is not something I will accept her changing her mind over in the future
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36 ounces

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I been told both my parents that I'm taking care of them when the time comes.

I'm hustling for them and future children
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If your wife tries to pull this stunt, I think this speaks more about you than it does her.

Choose your ladies wisely, NT fam. You're all fine gentlemen.
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When I think of it, every family I know where a parent or parents are moved in, it is always the wife's parent. :lol:
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