Mens Hygiene.. what are you using? so fresh and so cleannn cleannn..

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I’m a big fan of Bevel products ( Only body/face wash I’ve used where my skin felt moisturized after drying. Deodorant is all natural, goes on clear, and lasts all day. If you need a bit more protection then go with Play Pits King ( I switch between the two depending on the occasion. No irritation whatsoever.

Beware that natural deodorants are NOT antiperspirants
and you’ll need to go through a 2-3 week detox period. You may apply multiple times throughout the day during this time but afterwards you’ll be good with once a day.
Man I feel like I've been detoxing for over a month haha.


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Best lotion and body wash for me. Been using the lotion since I was in my teens and just started using the body wash a couple years ago and I’ll never use anything else :lol:
I have hella sensitive skin and these work the best for me

Caswell-Massey Almond and Aloe Titanic Body Lotion – Signature Fragrance – Made in the USA – 32 Ounces Caswell-Massey Almond and Aloe Titanic Body Wash Bath Gel – Signature Fragrance – Made in the USA – 32 Ounces
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Anyone try out that Supply razor?

Been seeing it everywhere and see good reviews.

Ordered one so I'll give it a review

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An old ex gf gofted me some bath and body works body wash for men and that **** is flamessss. Even the lotion i dont ever wear cologne anymore and i always get compliments at work from ladies.
What does it look like? I want to try something different..
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never been a better shampoo than selsun blue. I need the ultimate face wash/cystic acne/face moisturizer combination? Any recommendations?
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Is all soap, body soap in this instance, anti bacterial? Unusual use dove but, since getting a tat and using Dial for it, I've been using it to wash my body too. Something about dial makes me feel extra clean
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