Merchants Tire and Auto Centers

Jul 30, 2004
Man, I've been up in this Merchants auto place for 3hrs. I got here @ 7:00 o'clock am, I was the first person in the place. The freakin mechanic didn't even get here until 7:45am!! And I have been waiting just for and oil change and a wheel alignment. And this isn't the first time they took forever. I'm never comming here again. In case your wondering, this is the merchants in richmond, va on 5890 brook road. >:

I had a sorta similar experience at the merchant tire in college park. I only need to get some tires mounted on my wheels. My wheels are only 17, but are sorta low profile at 40 series. I'm thinkin these dudes are professional and see tires like these all the time.


First they gave me some junk about my car was too low, they couldn't get the lift arms under the car. BS. Then they struggled on TWO tires for an hour and a half. I'm still blown for paying $25 for each tire.
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I don't work at merchant tire or whatever you're speaking of

But you say 40 series.. what kind of tire did you get? Most 40 series are easy but some can be a pain the ... It depends on the design of the rim too

But an hour and a half? :lol:

Yall was takin too long, so we had to do it...
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I learned from my last car to not go to Merchant's anymore. Everytime I would take my car there, something else would go wrong with it later. And I'm not the only person that noticed this. Some of my friends noticed the same thing with their cars everytime they took it to Merchant's.....the problem will get fix, but some time later another problem would happen. With my current car it's been strictly Goodyear. No random problems dealing with them. Only one time something they fixed messed up, and they fixed it again......FOR FREE!!!
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I would personally stay away from those'd be much better off going to a well know independent shop

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Yall was takin too long, so we had to do it...
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yea they slow as hell up there, I also went up there once as soon as they opened for an oil change he told me it would be an hour before someone came in to work on it :stoneface:
I ended up walking home and getting my car like 5 hours later, can't complain too much tho, their coupons be crack.
I got no complaints about Merchants...I got new tires back over the summer and I had my car back within a couple of hours...not to mention that they usually have some pretty good deals going w. coupons and what have top it all off, they had the ILL cookout right in the front of their store, and were hooking up customers w. chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage, free drinks, etc....
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