Met one crazy dude last night

Dec 10, 2001
So i go to the casino and im playing hold em, dude across from me is this old white guy, were all talking and i ask what he does for a living and he sayshe's a magician. So im like " cool cool, got any sick tricks " dudes like " what state do you live in " so i tell him " he says"spell your last name" so i spell it, the mother #*+$!$ tells me my license plate number
then he asks me for my birthday and i tell him he tells me i was born on atuesday, he says he remembers every date from up to 1776 and beyond, he did everyones birthday at the table, i gave him a $100 dollar bill and he clapped andit ended up in some fine ##@ girls jacket pocket, i know magic isnt real but dude was silly with knowing my license plate number, guy next to me spells hislast name and the guy knew his social security number, he left out the last 4 digits for security and my man goes " dont worry you can say it, my creditcouldnt get worse " and he was low on chips
After he left a guyat our table wasnt impressed, he was like " he aint no magician, just a mathematician ' whatever it was it was pretty crazy.
yeah i got my money back, the hot hunny was like " can i keep it " i was like " yeah if my man makes your shirt disappear "
lies all lies I tell you

lies all lies I tell you

did you get your 100 dollars back?

dont answer because

lies all lies I tell you
Originally Posted by Mycoldyourdone

so isnt he kinda hinting/boasting that hes a card counter?

dealer didnt care?
that's what I'm saying.....

something about this story isn't "adding" up....quack quack quack
if i was to tell ducktales on NT i wouldnt do it on some oldwhite dude at a card table, im pretty sure it would involve megan fox hittin on me at a Walmart parking lot
Do you people even play poker? How could he be a card counter playing holdem? ITS ONE DECK OF CARDS, GETTING SHUFFLED EVERY HAND!
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