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Aug 1, 2005
So who got the black jordan IV lasers when they dropped? Cuz those are the same stores that are getting the laser V's....any info on the laser V's, cuz I need those in my life............
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Only places i knew were Athletes foot and they were charging 400+ for the black lasers
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I got mine from an Athlete's Foot for retail and had to fight the guy for the box.

Also go into an Athlete's Foot a few days before release and you can cop a pair for cash (good luck on the box though).
OK everyone that wanted to know about laser V's, the date of jan 18th, is not the date any more. Its the 13th, yes thats this saturday (please check jordan forum 1st page for a larger post) now for the stores that will get them......

Mr alans will get them but only the redford store, from what I hear. So schoolcraft and telegraph here I come!!! they will as always, charge retail. But they are only getting 1 pair of each size starting with a 7.5 and there are no half sizes over sz 11.

hope this helps, and good luck to everyone!!!
Haters Need To Hate Harder!!
Picked my sz 11 and the matching hoody today, the hoody is super loud. It looks like perfect fall camo!! Good luck to the rest of you.
Haters Need To Hate Harder!!
Man the people in Athletes Foot in Detroit is grimey. I called up there and one lady told me she was going to hold my sz 12 and the price was $175. When I got up there the store manager said that they are $300 I was mad because they had my hopes up about gettin them and I'm not paying that much over retail

After reading this comment in the Jordan Brand forum thread on the Jordan Laser V's, my description of Athlete'sFoot is still true.
People that got them for retail in Detroit....please tell me WHERE!!!

I got a sz 10 for $220 from the A foot on east 7mile. And 10 not even my sz. SMH Now I have to find somebody to trade with or see what stores have not sold them yet and are sellin tomorrow.

Anybody know some stores thats sellin tomorrow??????

Please let me know!!!
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