MIAMI - planning a trip - need help on LOCATION!!

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Originally Posted by teddy jam

so wife and I are planning a 4 day trip to miami for the August long weekend and I've been researching some packages and have found myself in a dilemma.  As many of you know, the hotels in the south beach area are pretty run down and overpriced (except for some really expensive ones which I don't really want to splurge on, as I can get better value downtown).  I know south beach is where it's at, etc etc but I think we could live without staying there for 4 days straight - I hear it can get boring?  We would appreciate some peace during our trip from the SOBE area ...or is it really that fun where nowhere else is better?

edit: thanks for the help, booked for EPIC hotel ...looks sick as #!*!!
 and got a nice room! wife and I will definately enjoy the hotel  and amenities

we'll just take a cab to SOBE for a day or 2...should be fine and only costs around 20 bucks to get there ..

NOW on where to eat!!
Stay at the 4 seasons. My gym is at the 4 seasons and it is by far my favorite hotel. The pool is amazing, and the service is fantastic. 
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