Michael Jackson using an actual Jet Pack at his concert. Vol. Dopest thing ever

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Man I remember being like 7 years old watching Michael Jackson concerts on VH1 before they went reality way. MJ was the greatest performer of all-time handsdown.

Remember this? dude flying out of the stadium using a jet pack. Man when I saw this when I was little, I was like
. I wish I got to see mike in concert when he was still dope.

[Frank Lucas] mah man�
[/Frank Lucas]

-The Juice
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that was originally meant for use by the military. if you have the money you can do it too lol
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My first time seein' this....
. He was definitely that dood......what happened?! He definitely did fly off on a jetpack tho hahahahahahathat's one of the best Michael Jackson things I've ever seen.


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That looks exactly like the one in GTA San Andreas..

BTW, I don't think that was Michael... It was some other dude who they hid inside that box.
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I'm like one of the biggest MJ fans but it's pretty obvious that he pulls the ol switcharoo when he crouches into the box. Too much of a liability forhim to really fly the jetpack.
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Originally Posted by JPTHE3

it wasnt MJ tho.. they wouldnt risk him doing that
if it wasnt....who cares. Just the fact he did it at a concert and no one else has done it or even thought about it, is dope.

-The Juice
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That's definitely not him... did you see the guy's nose through the helmet?

If I remember correctly, that jetpack runs out of fuel in like half a minute or something...

But dude was definitely one of the best performers ever...
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