.......Michael Jordan books and magazines for FREE.......

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Alright, 3 weeks ago I gave away 800+ Michael Jordan basketball cards for free to Niketalk's own moderator IJAPINO. This week I found more of my Jordanbook and magazine collection from storage, and yes they are also for free. I received tons of messages from people wanting my cards and I'm sure I'llget more from these. Thanks for the inquiries and offers from people willing to pay for the shipment even as far from the East Coast and a couple back home inthe Philippines. Unfortunately, once again I'm only dropping these off to someone local (EDIT: I forgot to mention, I am from the Stockton/Lodi, Californiaarea). These are not my entire Jordan mag/book collection, I know I have more out there. Books such as Playing For Keeps and Hang Time are still out theresomewhere, just gotta dig through more boxes. I was careless on storing some of these, most of them were in outstanding condition years ago. I also have acollection of memorabilias and some 80s and 90s posters, I still haven't found those..........

Probably 1/3 of my VHS Bulls game collection. Anybody still got a VCR unit at home?

I'll KEEP this one. I have every single ESPN Sportscenter highlights of every single BULLS game of the 2nd 3-peat (playoffs and Finals included) compiledon VHS tapes. This is the 96-97 season. I have the other 2 seasons somewhere. In my opinion, these are much much better than any Michael Jordan NBA videos outthere. Better than Come Fly With Me, better than Above And Beyond.

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Wow! Superbly great collection you have there.... can i avail some of your posters too especially the ones released in the 80's & early 90's?I'm from Baguio by the way
Joined Apr 20, 2006
damn man...if you reconsider shipping to the east coast, id def be interested

also, to whoever ends up getting them via pick-up...interested in shipping some stuff?
Joined Jan 3, 2009
man wish i lived near you.
(anyone willing to pick em up for me and ship um to me. im willing to pay or give you some kicks).
Joined Sep 17, 2003
Damn, I thought I was the only one. I got every Finals game of the Bulls 2nd 3-peat, so best believe I still got a VCR at home haha. Great stuff though.
Joined May 18, 2005
you should make sure those videos get online.

I never ever ever watch sports, but used to watch MJ when I was younger, I think that the younger generation should enjoy that as well.
Joined Nov 18, 2006
Can you ship it to me? I will be pay for the shipping, I live in Arcadia California. Thanks!


formerly l2icel3oi9i6
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i live in sacramento and i go down to santa cruz over the weekend to see my girl. im always passing up stockton and lodi..
Joined Feb 29, 2008
Yo I want those 1st 2 slam magizines you got all the way at the top pm me I saty in Massachusetts so lmk asap thanks 4 da hook up
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