Michael Jordan poster from the 1980's

Joined Nov 19, 2007
I dont want to get reamed/banned so i'm posting this in the general section, hopefully someone can help....

When i was a kid, i had this life size Jordan poster on my wall of him standing, holding a baskteball, with a huge measuring ruler on the side of the poster.

My buddy freaked out when he saw my jordan collection the other day, and said "hey man, remember that jordan poster you had when we were kids?"

Does anyone have a clue what i'm talking about?

Can i get a reproduction of it anywhere, and how would i even look for it. I've tried ebay, but no luck.

thanks in advance
Joined May 3, 2009
Um, they used to give out the same life sized posters at Warriors games when I was a kid. Doubled as height measure thing. Ebay is your best bet, obviously notstill gonna be in production.
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