Mickael Pietrus Wore KOBES not Jordans after all!

Mar 20, 2007
After making a big deal about wearing Kobes Sig Shoes I guess Mickael Pietrus decided to wear KOBES not Jordans after all!

I was waiting all week hoping to see an exclusive...I was thinking that we would get a sneek peek of the 7 from the package.....but
I guess JB shut that down lol


^^^ I think He has these on!!!!

^^^ even thought these are ugly I think they would have looked nice with the uniforms
Yea I agree^ plus they are not Kobes anyways, they are Hyperdunks, not a Kobe sig, jus something Kobe wore cuz it was nike
actually he had a pair of black customs with the flight number of that air france plane which crashed recently on them in respect and honour of the few hundredpeople who died. they zoomed right in on them at one stage.
Please stop referring the Hyperdunks as KOBES.
Didnt deserve a thread either but the title

p.s. This whole Mickael Pietrus thing was overblown by Nicekicks, those trolls...
He announced before the game that he was NOT going to wear Jordans, and was going to wear Hyperdunks.

Please do your homework.
Originally Posted by bigplb78

Yea I agree^ plus they are not Kobes anyways, they are Hyperdunks, not a Kobe sig, jus something Kobe wore cuz it was nike
he should start wearing jordans maybe he stay in the game and stop getting phantom calls on him
NBA title...then Oscar for Pietrus?
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Saturday, Orlando forward Mickael Pietrus was asked if there were any players that he would compare himself with.
He said no. But that didn't mean that there weren't any out there who reminded him of himself.
"The one guy that I can be compared to, the way that I look, and you know, my swag, I would say I compare to Denzel Washington," said a grinning Pietrus to laughing group of reporters.
Considering Washington was at the game Thursday, I asked Pietrus if he was ever confused for Denzel.
"You know, I saw Denzel and I was like 'Pietrus?'," Pietrus said pointing. "And he saw me and was like 'Denzel?'"

No doubt both are talented guys. Although Pietrus does a way better French accent.

--Matt Calkins
Yeah, dude wears Magic Colored Hyperdunks in the finals. Funny how he was saying he was going to be wearing Jordans. When I saw what he was wearing in game 1,I couldn't help but laugh.

Kobe's prob like, "You still wearing my kicks homie. **** hea."

Pietrus ftl...
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