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Oct 3, 2001
dan, ask ant if u could play with us here, the court was rent by his friends so i can't take any charge on bringing in new comers.
nah i never ever rocked exco, bought exco, knew kids that rock exco, had friends that rocked exco. NEVER ASSOCIATED with exco NEVER -Trev aka Dr. hell No.
Oct 2, 2000
~~Come Dennis......I'll Msn you where location is~~
FS: Air Huarache 2k4 All-star sz11. Melo 1.5 White/blue sz11, Nike Supreme Delta Force White/white sz11...They are all Brand new DS...

~~"The sky's the limit. I don't think God limited my talent. He gave me talent and it's up to me to try to keep getting better. I don't know how good I can be, but I know I can be better than I am right now."-AI.~~
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