mind blown! oil in los angeles...and you might live on top of it?

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LOL. You must not be from LA. Everyone has taken middle school trips to the LA brea tar pits
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There's oil derricks every where in l.a. They used to have them right by schools until like the mid 00's . The la laws are diffrerent for pumping though they have to do it in an enclosed structure in some cases
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/\ Last Action Hero? (i remember that damb red shirt and leather jacket)

i hated that movie as a kid but couldnt stop watching!
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no I'm not from l.a, and apparently not all people from la know that.
Most people from L.A. are clueless of anything besides Hollywood and whatever social media, hipster, hotspot is all the rage at the time, ie. runyon canyon.

But, yea..it's decorated with art so it's not an eyesore to the beverly hills landscape. Most the oil fields off fairfax are all but dry now. Certain homes in Leimert park have mineral rights on their homes too.
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