minor additions to cdp xiv

Joined Aug 31, 2009
nice job on these....
i like them

on the back, you should make the '23' white, but leave the jumpman red,
or vice versa....
Joined Dec 3, 2007
^good idea. i might just do that.

my original thought was to make the entire midsole white. kinda like a reverse motorsports version. but i chose to do little bit at a time. i like how it is quite a lot, but it could use one more touch. the back is a great idea.
Joined May 31, 2008
I would do the same to mine but I starte to take them to work and they're pretty much dead now...
Joined Dec 3, 2007
thanks everyone.

eric, i got angelus paints directly from turtlefeathers. search it in google.
Joined Apr 1, 2008
Oooh!! Very nice! they look even better now with the white 23. I love seeing customized Jordans, it seems most people are too afraid too.
Joined Aug 19, 2009
Nice paint job bro.. im thinkin of doing something like that too, especially after seeing these .
Well done!
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