MJ camp report from SB, and I broke Lebron's neck! PICS!

Dec 9, 1999

I had the privelige of attending the free open sessions of the MJ flight school camp the last two days, and here are some thoughts and pics: (Long post, beware!)

August 6-

- Lebron James is BIG. He is a lot more muscular than I pictured and definitely has potential to be an NBA all-star.

- MJ didn't play, instead reffing and talking with the campers. He wore AJ XIII white/red and they looked BRAND SPANKING NEW (yes, you read that correctly. Air Jordan 13).

- A few players in the game included college players and top high school players. (Luke Jackson from Oregon, TJ Ford from Texas, Chris Thomas from ND, Umeka Okafor from UCONN, and Heinrich from KU but he didn't play).

Here are some pics from the Tuesday session








August 7-

- Lebron didn't play today, instead watching as the MAN himself played. Lebron wore white/white AF1 lows with white/black shimmer shorts and a Jordan visor and a navy shirt. He will be playing tomorrow (from what he said).

- MJ suited up and played in the crocodile AJ 17+. They looked REALLY nice on him and it was just good to see him out there playing again.

- Most of the same guys played from the game yesterday, with Ricky Davis of the Cavs taking Lebron's place.

- When the session was over, I was waiting outside near the parking lot for Lebron to come outside. He had a car waiting for him, and I had my SLAM magazine in hand....but he quickly got in the car and fastened his seat belt. It was then that he glanced over at me and stared at my feet for a good 10 seconds. I was wearing my Kilroy jersey and AJ VI carmines, and I think I broke Lebron's neck...haha. Either he was looking at the shoes, or just seeing what a nerd I am hanging around and gawking like everyone else.

All in all, good fun and will definitely try and attend more days next year. Tonite was the last night I will be there, and it sucks I didn't get to see the AJ 18s in action. Enjoy the pics and if you have any questions feel free to email me.












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thanks alex, wow...mj is leaner this time...and looking healthy...i guess he's going to play next season
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Thanks a lot for the pics, Alex! I'm glad you could watch the action that close, you're one lucky man...

Damn, those crocs look reeeeally good...I might have to snatch two pairs, maybe. Perfect for on court OR off court...

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Alex. I'm speechless so I'll just type my message...

YOU THE MAN! :pimp:

Thanks for sharing. Nice pics. :smile:

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Thanks for the pictures, i would also like to know how MJwas playing and yes, hedoes look "leaner" and he looks quite ready for next season
Great pics.....I'm glad you're having fun. Oh btw, LeBron James was scheduled to play my HS (Sycamore in Cincinnati), but cancelled due to the combination of our non-confrence status and distance from Akron. I was pissed.
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Crocs look good.......... nice pics.
What if there were no hypothetical questions?
great pics
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Any U of Arizona players there?

I thought Luke was soposed to attend.

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Lucky Lucky Lucky!!

It's just not fair!

Thanks for the pics. You mentioned TJ Ford....how'd he play? He is mad good. I watched him play the state game in high school and followed him in Texas.

I have heard Lebron is big but never really believed it because I've never really seen pics but in yours, he does look like he could do some damage. Can't wait to see how he does in the L.

Thanks again for the pics, bro.

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Hey ALEX !
Nice work,Dawgg !!!

Thanx much 4 da info. you're a lucky cat to be able to see the MAN in person.
It is a shame that I have spent soooo much $$$ with this Dude and ain't neva seen him play in person !

I never was diggin' those XVII + until I saw how they looked on His feet . . . I may actually copp a pair now,why not . . . I got all the other XVII's :D


So you at Sycamore,huh ?
I was wondering where in the town you was at !?

I'm a West-Side NASTY N.A.T.I. represenative !
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thanks :smile:
nice post
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TJ Ford was there? WOO HOO...
<------ HOOK 'EM

great post btw... crocs are lookin like a must now
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