MJ In BMP Black Toes?

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From the latest Sports Illustrated. You can see the Jumpman Air on the tongue and they are low tops. Also he is bald.

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looks photoshopped, he doesn't even have his leg sleeve, but everyone else is...
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^ Not always, The bulls started wearing Black socks during the 1996 Playoffs (Air Jordan 11) But the picture is fake anyway the originals were a high top
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Not sure if it's a photo shop, but I think that picture is a painting.
Shoes look like mid tops. Bulls don't wear black socks on playoffs DURING THOSE YEARS.
Look at Mike's long pants.
PLUS, Mike's Jersey should be "Chicago" instead of "BULLS".
So many weird things, that's why I'm guessing those are painting.

Nice picture. I like it.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]Well, it's obviously not a real picture of Michael Jordan.

PLUS, Mike's Jersey should be "Chicago" instead of "BULLS".

Wrong. [hr][/hr]

If he's going by the time frame of the shoes, the AJ Is, he's most definitely RIGHT. His first two years in the league, Bulls road reds read "Chicago" in cursive on the front.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]If he's going by the time frame of the shoes, the AJ Is, he's most definitely RIGHT. His first two years in the league, Bulls road reds read "Chicago" in cursive on the front.[hr][/hr]

You're wrong as well. The last season the Bulls wore the "Chicago" cursive jersey was the 1984-1985 season, which was Jordan's rookie year. The next season, 1985-1986, the Chicago Bulls switched their jersey to read "Bulls" in plain text. And yes, Michael Jordan wore the I's that season with those jerseys... check MJ's record at Boston Garden.


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^^ Not only that, look how LONG his shorts are lol. People wore boxers back then. lol
And he DOES NOT LOOK like that. He would look a lot more younger and thinner.

But stop w/ the detective you people.. It was a great find.
It is harsh !
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No one has even pointed out that those are the BMP Black toes.
They arent even OG's.
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i just say this today in school. tahts exactly what i thought...i was like....@#%$.....
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I should really call up my grade 8 teacher... he used to subscribe to IS mag back in the day and was cool enough to let us kids read them and cut the posters out. I'm sure he must have tons of MJ issues left
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i just seen this spread at school today. i did notice that it couldnt of been a real pic of mj.

either way i like it
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