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Haven't seen a new one except that one shirt u have I thought could be the template for te new shirt. I always see matt kemp in photo shoots for nike wearing that shirt but never seen any take the field.
I think last year's Hypercool shirt will be used yet again. Why re-invent the wheel was probably Nike's thinking.

Strangely enough, why did this even bother to come out last year? I have not seen one player wear this at all.

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Do some of you guys have trouble using google?? Lol seriously tho I feel like I always see people asking everyone to help them find something that really isn't that hard to find themselves... For example ^^ I just googled nike hypercool long sleeve shirt and found 2 read ones in .5 seconds
Please show me where I can find that in my size? Small or medium. I would appreciate it if you can post a link.  I've searched the internet everywhere for it and can't find it.
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Please show me where I can find that in my size? Small or medium. I would appreciate it if you can post a link.  I've searched the internet everywhere for it and can't find it.





20% off too

not sure if its the right one if you're looking for a specific one cuz that took me 30 seconds to find but this is what i thought you meant... hope it helps!

ebay is great too always check there if youre looking for something
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If anybody has any luck finding these in Long Sleeves size SMALL or MEDIUM (Some of the pics are in short sleeves), I would appreciate it.  I prefer if you guys find anything at ross or marshalls so I can save me some cash.  Please Let me know fellas! 
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I don't get it did you not just see the links I posted??? Or did you just want them cheaper? ....^^
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woah, was that A Rod sleeve sold at retail or is it a PE?

JackAttack, the Griffey 500HR BGs definitely run a bit small, mine have held up over the years nicely though.
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Alright fellas, idk if any of you remember from last years thread, but I couldn't figure out how to post pics from my phone for the life of me haha, anyways, I figured it out so hopefully I can start contributing some more substance leading up to and through my season. I thought about making my cleats into breds or blk/purple but decided to do this instead. I hope it covers my percentage minimum for amount of black on the cleats..

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^, oh damn, I hope that is just a misnomer. I wouldn't think right after an MVP season he would change brands but then again, I never thought Evan Longoria would leave Nike either......


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Seems like Adidas goes after black players. I can only think of the Uptons, Ryan Howard, and now Mccutchen as guys who have been the face of their brand.
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