MLB Trade Deadline thread - Everybody to LAD; Contreras to COL; Kazmir to ANA; Wagner to BOS.

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The Braves acquired Nate McLouth from the Pirates forCharlie Morton, Jeff Locke, and Gorkys Hernandez on June 3rd.
The Indians acquired Jose Veras
from the Yankees for cash considerations on June 24th.
The Reds acquired Corky Miller, sendingNorris Hopper to the White Sox on June 26th.
The Cardinals acquired Mark DeRosa for ChrisPerez and a PTBNL on June 27th.
The Mariners acquired Ryan Langerhans in exchangefor Mike Morse on June 28th.
The Yankees acquired Eric Hinske from the Piratesfor two minor leaguers on June 30th.
The Pirates acquired LastingsMilledge and Joel Hanrahan for Nyjer Morgan and Sean Burnett on June 30th.
The Cubs acquired Jeff Baker from theRockies for Alberto Alburquerque on July 2nd.
The Indians acquired Winston Abreu from the Rays forminor leaguer John Meloan on July 2nd.
The A's acquired Scott Hairston from the Padreson July 5th.
The Royals acquired Ryan Freel and cashfrom the Cubs for a PTBNL on July 6th.
The White Sox acquired Tony Pena fromthe D'Backs for Brandon Allen on July 7th.
The Royals acquired Yuniesky Betancourt from theMariners for two minor league pitchers on July 10th.
The Braves acquired Ryan Church from the Mets for JeffFrancoeur on July 10th.
The Mariners acquired Jack Hannahan from theA's for a minor league righty on July 11th.
The Orioles acquired Cla Meredith from thePadres for Oscar Salazar on July 19th.
The Brewers acquired Felipe Lopez from theD'Backs for a pair of minor leaguers on July 19th.
The Red Sox acquired Adam LaRoche for twominor leaguers on July 22nd.
The Red Sox sent Julio Lugo to the Cardinals forChris Duncan on July 22nd.
The Rockies acquired RafaelBetancourt from the Indians for a minor leaguer on July 23rd.
The Cardinals acquired Matt Holliday from theA's for top prospect Brett Wallace and two other minor leaguers on July 24th.
The Giants acquired Ryan Garko from the Indians for aminor league pitcher on July 27th.
The White Sox acquired outfielder MarkKotsay and cash from the Red Sox for outfielder Brian Anderson on July 28th.
The Mariners acquired Ian Snell, JackWilson and cash from the Pirates for five players including Ronny Cedeno and Jeff Clement on July 29th.
The Reds acquired Wladimir Balentien from theMariners for a minor leaguer on July 29th.
The Phillies acquired Cliff Lee and BenFrancisco from the Indians for Jason Knapp, Carlos Carrasco, Jason Donald and LouMarson on July 29th.
The Giants acquired Freddy Sanchez fromthe Pirates for minor league pitcher Tim Alderson on July 29th.
The Yankees acquired Jason Hirsh from the Rockieson July 29th.
The Royals acquired outfielder Josh Andersonfrom the Tigers for cash considerations on July 30th.
The Dodgers acquired reliever George Sherrill from theOrioles for minor leaguers Josh Bell and Steve Johnson.
The Cubs acquired pitchers John Grabow and TomGorzelanny for Kevin Hart, Jose Ascanio, and Josh Harrison.
The Tigers acquired pitcher Jarrod Washburn from theMariners for pitchers Luke French and Mauricio Robles.
The Twins acquired shortstop Orlando Cabrerafrom the A's for shortstop Tyler Ladendorf.
The Red Sox acquired catcher Victor Martinez fromthe Indians for pitchers Nick Hagadone, Justin Masterson and Bryan Price.
The Yankees acquired Jerry Hairston Jr. from theReds.
The Rockies acquired Joe Beimel from the Nationals.
The Braves acquired Adam LaRoche from the Red Soxfor Casey Kotchman.
The Marlins acquired Nick Johnson for minorleague lefty Aaron Thompson.
The Reds acquired Scott Rolen for EdwinEncarnacion, Josh Roenicke and Zach Stewart.
The White Sox acquired Jake Peavy for AaronPoreda, Clayton Richard, Adam Russell and Dexter Carter.
The Yankees acquired Chad Gaudin from the Padres fora player to be named later on August 6th.
The Twins acquired Carl Pavano from the Indians for aplayer to be named later on August 7th.
The Rays acquired Gregg Zaun from the Orioles for aplayer to be named later or cash on August 7th.
The White Sox acquired Alex Rios from the Blue Jayson August 10th.
The Tigers acquired Aubrey Huff from theOrioles for a minor leaguer on August 17th.
The Rangers acquired Ivan Rodriguez from theAstros for minor leaguers Jose Vallejo and Matt Nevarez on August 18th.
The Mariners acquired Bill Hall and cash from theBrewers for minor leaguer Ruben Flores on August 19th.
The Red Sox acquired Billy Wagnerfrom the Mets for two minor leaguers on August 25th.
The Twins acquired Ron Mahay from the Royals onAugust 28th.
The Twins acquired Jon Rauch from the D'Backs for a PTBNLon August 28th.
The Angels acquired Scott Kazmir for two minorleaguers and a PTBNL on August 28th.
The Red Sox acquired Joey Gathright from the Orioleson August 29th.
The Dodgers acquired Ronnie Belliard from theNationals for minor leaguer Luis Garcia on August 30th.
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[h1]Mets Interested In Mark DeRosa[/h1]
By Tim Dierkes [May 21, 2009 at 10:51am CST]

According to Ed Price of AOL Fanhouse, the Mets have been talking to the Indians about acquiring Mark DeRosa. With Jose Reyes' injury last night, Price says "now that move makes even more sense."

What would it take to get DeRosa, who is hitting .255/.322/.427 in 174 plate appearances this year? First off I'd guess full relief of the $4.1MM still owed to him. Beyond that the rumor yesterday was pitching that could help the Indians this year.

[h1]Yankees Considering Mark DeRosa?[/h1]
By Tim Dierkes [May 28, 2009 at 9:30am CST]

ESPN's Buster Olney suggests that the Yankees are at least considering Mark DeRosa internally:

Imagine DeRosa as a big hunk of tuna, bait on a hook. One of the looming shadows circling below is that of the New York Yankees, who are weighing options and haven't decided whether to take a shot at the versatile veteran.

For his part, DeRosa is trying to put the trade chatter out of his head. The Indians seek Major League-ready pitching for DeRosa. The Mets and Cardinals may be suitors (but not the Brewers). The 34 year-old impending free agent is hitting .266/.333/.446 in 205 plate appearances this year.

[h1]Could Cardinals Be Interested In DeRosa?[/h1]
By Brian Shephard [June 1, 2009 at 10:11pm CST]

Anthony Castrovince of says that Cardinals GM John Mozeliak is seeking help at third base with Troy Glaus out with ligament damage. "And in describing what he's looking for to reporters earlier today, he might as well have just said, 'Mark DeRosa.'"

Castrovince continues:

"The Indians, as you know, have had DeRosa basically on the block for a couple weeks now, because his value to them isn't anywhere near what it was before Jhonny Peralta moved to third base. So this could be an interesting situation to watch in the next couple days."

The Indians want Major League-ready pitching in return for DeRosa, says Castrovince, and he lists Mitchell Boggs, P.J. Walters, and Chris Perez as potential bargaining chips for the Cards.


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Mariners are definitely sellers...Have already heard Bedard and Washburn's names out there
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An acquisition of Peavy would be out of the question for Dodgers, being that the major hurdle is playing in the same Division.

A fifth starter would be a well needed addition. Juan Pierre will possibly get strong interest from other teams.

Also heard the possibility that the Astros are looking to trade Roy Oswalt ??

Otherwise, this team is pretty well in tact, awaiting the return of Manny Ramirez.
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A frontline starting pitcher and some bullpen help.

The bullpen is being used extensively (2nd in the NL behind the Marlins), on top of that three guys are being used extensively (Troncoso, Belisario andBroxton).

We have some enticing pieces to deal in Juan Pierre, AJ Ellis, Chin Lung Hu, Tony Abreu, Jason Repko, Jamie Hoffman and some arms (McDonald, Leach, Stults,etc.).

Peavy is a stretch, the Padres will ask for way too much.

Bedard and Valverde should be prime targets.
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Does DeRosa have cooties or something? Why the hell would anyone want to get rid of him? We were stupid for doing so.

We need to be buyers, we need to quit screwin around and go get Peavy already. I'd love Oswalt, but Houston ain't helpin us out. We need a lot.
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Astros imo have no clue whether they want to be buyers or sellers.

So if they don't have a clue then I for certain don't have one
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A power bat in the outfield.

Schafer just got sent down to the minors and Frenchy is still struggling to find his hitting stride.

Also I wouldn't mind getting DeRosa....Omar Infante was plugging in well for Kelly Johnson at 2B until he got hurt.
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Well this is interesting for the White Sox because we could be both buyers and sellers

Sox have been already made the move for Peavy and there are rumors they are looking for another starter like Roy Oswalt or Erik Bedard

If the Sox were really out of it....I could have seen them trying to move Jim Thome or Jermaine Dye....but the Good Guys have won their last 4 series and areback to .500 despite a HORRIBLE start to May



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Originally Posted by LB510

My team needs another bat

Todd Helton

Nick Johnson

YES we need a bat.

NO we dont need Todd Helton.

NO we dont need Nick Johnson.
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The A's won't have matt holiday after the deadline, good riddance.

We need......ummm.....a couple of years, thats about it.
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I don't know how much I want Derosa, never thought he was that good.

Maybe see if we can deal Melky and Kennedy though.
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Does DeRosa have cooties or something? Why the hell would anyone want to get rid of him? We were stupid for doing so.

I was such a supporter of that move. He definitely had me fooled.

He can play how many ever positions, but i's not like he's great at any of them. There are other guys out there that could do what he does defensivelyif given the chance.

He has the quietest 34 RBI in 50 games that I've ever seen. Not that that is that great, but it seems like he should have about 20, tops.

He rarely comes up with a big hit: .222 with RISP and two outs.

He strikes out a ton (45), and doesn't walk much (19).

Somebody will be willing to part with some kind of quality pitching, and that is more vital to this team than Mark DeRosa. Plus, he cuts into Ryan Garko'sat-bats, and Garko is the better hitter.

The "versatility" is a cute gimmick, but everything about him just screams, "average."

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The Dodgers need: Starting Pitcher and Bullpen arms

as stated by ironman, torre is known for favoring arms in the bullpen and he's been overusing troncosco and belli to the fullest, add a little more balanceback there and we should be set.
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This rumor has been floating around for a bit (Aubrey Huff to the Mets)

For the moment, then, the Mets are not desperately searching for a replacement. But with Delgado expected to be out through the July 31 trade deadline, General Manager Omar Minaya will certainly explore external options to bolster their defense and add some left-handed pop. Two possibilities are Baltimore's Aubrey Huff and Washington's Nick Johnson, two left-handed hitters playing for weak teams who, just as important, are in the final years of their contracts.

O's are gonna dump all of these older players and STOCK the team with young talent...things are looking up in Birdland...
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