MLK Portland Outlet store update vol cool grey III's

May 4, 2005
i just picked up a pair of cool grey III's form there. they just got their shipment in today and they had a full size run. oh they were b grade but i didnt see a thing wrong with them but for a very small scratch near the tongue.
i will pay someone the price plus tax and shipping fees and a little extra if they can get me a pair.
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My total for two pairs was $209. But they also charged me once without tax and basically I was charged $390. I have to call them about the extra $180.
A buddy of mine scooped up a pair of size 9 for me yesterday... Too bad I wear a size 11.5. If you want these, $130 SHIPPED to your door! Otherwise, they're just gonna go back to the outlet.

The only way you'll get them is if you e-mail me at: or AIM me at drckdng.
Man I wish I would have seen this sooner. Been looking for a pair for a while at a reasonable price. Anyone get an extra 8.5 they wanna sell :D
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wow, those incompetent employees charged me double too!

and what's worse is that my bank account went into overdraft.


were you ever able to get your money back????
I'm still trying to fix it. I'm going to wait a little until it shows up on the actual statement. Currently it is just subtracted from my "available" balance.

I'll call again on Mon. or Tues.

Any luck with you yet?
those bastards said not their responsibility to charge me double. they said it was the banks fault because it apparently hasn't shown up in their records.

but then again you're right, cuz the double charge hasn't been shown on the actual statement...

i'd suggest you call them in and see if you're able to find that double charge in their database, because they sure as hell couldn't find mine.
thanks to the dude that help me get a pair! i dont know if hes an ISSer but he was a koo fellow
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^ur SOL my friend
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