Mob Figaz vs. The L.O.X.

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Just randomly popped into my head.

Who would you choose tho? Personally i'd take Jacka over both P and Kiss, but Hus probably comes in last.

And let's be real, the rest of their squads don't matter.
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Lox hands down, theyre my 3rd fav group and Jada is def the best recent rapper

and yeah, who the hell are mob figaz?...
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mob figaz def.

jacka might not be as hard lyrically as jadakiss but his style is a lot better

people dont know this but fed-x can really spit. id say hes even better than jacka when it comes to the lyrics but like i said no one can touch jacka's style

husalah is more like the entertainment of the group. so hes last when it comes to that

then you got rob-lo producing all those beats. hes easily one of the best producers out of the bay because hes really one of the few who uses those soul samples so nicely (of course not including hiero and living legends)
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Mob Figaz easily. Listening to Mob Trial 2 right now. Wish Hus was on this.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]Sheek matters[hr][/hr]

Quote:[hr][/hr]then you got rob-lo producing all those beats.[hr][/hr]
RobLo always been one of my favorite producers.

Quote:[hr][/hr]jacka might not be as hard lyrically as jadakiss but his style is a lot better[hr][/hr]
Kiss is a beast on the mic, but it seems like everytime he's sposed to drop an album, @#%$ is defunct in one way or another.
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This is gonna be like....

...if you're from the Bay Area, or anywhere that's heavily saturated with Bay music, you're taking the Figaz. Otherwise, you're taking the LOX just off name alone.

Being from the Bay Area, and that they're my favorite group.... I'm taking the Figaz. And I think a lot of people are sleeping on my man Rydah J. Klyde....he got spits.

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Nobody outside of Northern Cali knows who the Mob Figaz is.
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Mob Figaz, but then i dont even listen to The L.O.X.
Quote:[hr][/hr] think a lot of people are sleeping on my man Rydah J. Klyde....he got spits. [hr][/hr]
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Put it this way people in the Bay Area know who the LOX are but people in NY and anywhere else on God's green earth, myself included, have no idea who the Mob Figaz are.

Quote:[hr][/hr]well go dl some of their stuff then.[hr][/hr]

Will do. What are the tracks I should be looking for?
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^ well go dl some of their stuff then.

im from the bay but i hate hyphy with a passion and most mainstream-in-the-bay rappers.

i usually stick with hiero, living legends, zion i, pep love, etc etc but the mob figaz are actually good and theyre not really hyphy rappers (atleast jacka and fed-x really arent) although theyre signed to mac dre's thizz label.

listen to some of jackas stuff then you can diss them as much as you want just like i listened to (enter name of southern crunk/west hyphy/or NY south D riders) before i dissed them
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As a group...LOX.

But I F's with the Mob too.

Reign God & Go Hard Is All I Know off MT2 is :wow:
hella good.​
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Quote:[hr][/hr]Will do. What are the tracks I should be looking for?[hr][/hr]
I got stuck on the Mob by listening to The Jacka - The Jack Artist, but if you don't want to invest the time to listen to a whole album, my personal favorite tracks are:

The Jacka - Turned Out
The Jacka - Never Blink
The Jacka - Get Out There
The Jacka - Going 4 Blood
The Jacka - Life Of Crime
The Jacka - Reign God
Andre Nickatina - My 15th Birthday
Husalah - Can't Change Me
Husalah - I Wanna Rock Right Now
Husalah - Murder On My Mind
Traxamillion - From The Hood (This ain't a Mob track, but Jack comes HARD on this)
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Figaz > Lox
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i never really listened to fed x, but recently i heard some of his @#%$ and that @#%$ was cool.

Rob Lo the MOST under rated bay producer foreal tho

cant hate on LOX cuz i never listened to any of they @#%$
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