Mobb Deep speaks on new Sony/RED deal

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[h2]Mobb Deep Speak On RED/Sony Deal[/h2]
Wednesday, September 07 2011 10:35 AM EST | Posted by: B.Dot | Posted in: Blog, Focus

Last week, Mobb Deep issued a statement about their new deal with Sony/RED. Backstage at the Rock The Bells concert this past weekend, P and Hav gave MTV the specifics about their new situation.
“The way we structured it is as a distribution deal basically, so we run our own label, Infamous, and we gotta do the daily ins and outs of everything. We gotta handle all the record company business and they get it in the stores for us, basically,
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i saw this a couple days ago. It's good they got a deal like that at this stage of their careers. Bumpy Johnson EP was decent, but Prodigy
has 3 really good solo albums himself, and Havoc's 2 albums were on point. I'll be checking for some new Mobb when it comes out.
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50 helped him get this deal. Even though i would of rather had them release with G-unit and get some of that push lloyd banks album got, this is still good news for me a true MOBB fan.
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