Modified PS3/XBOX 360 Controllers: Cheating or not???

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Welcome to the next generation in PS3 rapid fire modded controllers! You are looking at a truly impressive piece of modern gaming technology. This is the LAST controller you will ever need!

Our 10 Mode Rapid Fire Adjustable Playstation 3 Wireless Controller is compatible with every major game on the market today. Stay a step ahead of the competition with our 10 mode adjustable rapid fire modded controller for Playstation 3.

The ultimate 10 mode rapid fire modded controller sports many of your favorite features including:
  • Standard Adjustable Rapid Fire in all 10 modes
  • Rapid fire speed from 1 to 100 shots per second
  • Dual Rapid and Akimbo weapons allowing you to wield dual weapons and have rapid fire on BOTH!
  • Burst Rapid Fire feature allows you to shoot single fire weapons as burst weapons
  • Jitter burst feature lets you turn any burst weapon into automatic
  • Simultaneous drop shot and jitter allows you to drop and begin firing immediately leaving your opponents wondering what hit them!
  • Zombie mode allows you to auto-aim when playing in zombie arcade mode
  • On/Off feature allows you to deactivate rapid fire or any of the exclusive mods while in game play
  • Sniper Breath feature automatically holds your breath when you are sniping in COD games
  • Drop Shot will allow your character to drop to prone position while firing
  • Quick Scope feature allows you to zoom and take a shot instantly
  • Fast reload decreases time required to reload. Can be adjusted based on individual need
  • Decimal shot speed adjustment lets you adjust your rapid fire speed down to a tenth of a shot per second giving you full precision control
  • All settings stored on the controller. This means that once you get your settings correct you never have to change them again

I sort of want to buy this bullet buttons


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quick shot feature
rapid fire feature
reload feature
if this aint cheating i dont know what is
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Originally Posted by ChicagoKid23

you ever seen a three rd burst weapon with a rapid controller? that mess is
got a vid? 
sometimes i see people with the fal spray like crazy and i wonder 
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Lol it's a video game! What's the point? I like to know I'm good because of meɪ not the controller. And doesn't itɪ make it less fun if you have to cheat?


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Bruh are you serious? How old are you that you have to cheat in a video game? And to drop a hundo on a controller made to make you play better no less. If you need to spend money on a controller to help you cheat, than you shouldn't be playing in the first place.

havent cheated in a video game since '97 using a Tips & Tricks magazine

-The Juice
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