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Originally Posted by Primavera Vills

It does....might be a myth tho, but it does.
I noticed it getting bigger... and she tells me that her moms says it's gotten bigger :/

oh yea urban ledgend? yea and the doctors say that when you cut hair it doesn't grow back thicker... LIES
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Originally Posted by JPTHE3

Why you gon say be mature about it when your putting a blank object like if you want us to insert the word like we in elementary
Dude Nt is elementary Rules... My Avy got banned for 2 days... I got suspended for a week and I know they disabled my sig but thats not really abig deal.

and to dude that posted that OMO pic.. chill out fam I didn't need to see that
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Originally Posted by Club29

Mature discussion?

Son, putting your bishop inside her does NOT cause fat cells to somehow gather and surround her gluteus.

I cant believe you actually said mature discussion.

I seriously believe you're all flat out morons sometimes

Club be on some downright bitter
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