Monster Massive

Apr 25, 2005
Anybody going to this or been to one in the past? A lot of folks I know are going, but it's pretty expensive.
60 bucks on ticket master last time i checked
i heard its not even fun if u dont drop
so i aint goin to go
worth every dollar....

nt etards unite.


just dont bother me when judge jules, markus schulz, and armin are on
woohoo im flying down with like 20 people from san francisco! i hope avb plays most of his songs from the 10 year cd! light shows and rollin eyes all night j/k CANT WAIT!
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seems like fun. ill be at another event somewhere in hollywood.
holla, holla, holla
"The Way Out, I Found It. But If I Keep Getting Fly,
Tell Me How The Hell Am I Suppose To Stay Grounded."​
so how was monster? freaking 110 freeway was a mess getting up to hollywood last night.
damn i was expecting too much of MM.... it was alright... armin only played 2 good songs... as the rush comes and adagio for strings.

judge jules performance was alright but only cause i was on a tweaked out comedown... it prolly would have been the @#%$ if i was still rolling
Drove to LA from Santa Clara at 4pm. Hella traffic on 110, but got into the rave at around 1030pm. Stayed til 4:30am and drove back up and got home at around 10:00am. Went down there just for the rave. AVB tore it up. One of the better raves I've been to (only my second SoCal rave, went to EDC '04, been to almost every Bay Area massive since '03). Hella folks, could barely move when I was walking outside. Highlight of my night, meeting Soolin Kelter.

Her boyfriend (I think) and another couple.

It was at the end of the rave. I ran up to the other couple asking if that was Soolin Kelter/Devin Lee...they were like, who?! Then, I asked them if she was a model and they said yes so I ran up to her, asked if she was Soolin, talked for a bit and asked for a pic.
^^lol, I know. I asked them "model", didn't wanna ask them if she was a "pornstar". Didn't wanna be rude, just incase they didn't know because I asked about her by her stage name, not real name. They didn't know who I was talking about when I said "Soolin Kelter" or "Devin Lee". But yeah, that made my day. Fourth pornstar I met...others were Kaylani Lei, Charmane Star, and Luci Thai.
I haven't dropped in like 5 years so I don't rave anymore but do Socal people know about HomeBase raves pre '99? They used to be the best!
The Autumn Wind is a Pirate
hahahaha i think thats more of a norcal thing. I always heard about homebase and how it went off.

Dang the last MM I went to was in '03? Where has the time gone. Used to have a good ole time doin the thing from 98-03. Probably took off 10 years of my life but oh well

i heard its not even fun if u dont drop

HAHAHAHA for all those who think that Gracie is gonna win, care to do a Sig bet (i know its lame, but i guess we cant really bet in person) Loser must keep a SIG made by the winner for a month. Anyone game?
NTer tinkerhatfield: aite im game...but youre like 4 sizes too small for me....i have some sz 12 retro ix's i'll definitely put up tho..
^^Dang, some old school ravers here, I feel young. I barely started in '03. I've heard about Homebase up in the Bay in the late 90s. As well as Cyberfest (back when it was actually crackin, at SC Faigrounds), Metropolis (3 Com Park), Area 51, etc. in early 2000's. Ugh, wished I started earlier cuz I missed out on all the good raves.

And you don't have to drop to have a good time. I've gone sober, as well as drunk, and also rollin. I've had good times in all three states. I'm there for the music...not the drugs, girls, etc. The music is what got me into the scene. I started to listen to electronica (mostly just trance and house) in '98-'99 and didn't go to my first rave until '03.

Anyone going to Be Thankful in the Bay Area or TAO on New Years?
monster was crackin and yea ill be going to be thankful 2! but was it just me or did anyone else notice alot of old people at monster massive? like folks who looked around 40-60? i got a light show from some dood with a tri-orbit and he looked like he was 55 :wow:
but w/e thats not the first time... i saw a bunch of old couples who looked like they were rollin hella hard at lovefest and tiesto at bill graham civic center this year :lol:
like folks who looked around 40-60? i got a light show from some dood with a tri-orbit and he looked like he was 55
"The Way Out, I Found It. But If I Keep Getting Fly,
Tell Me How The Hell Am I Suppose To Stay Grounded."​
i went to monster.. NT etard here! i was rolling so hard at monster. i was chillin at house most of the time. so chill just danced all night.

cant wait for TAO!!!!! anyone going?
Deangasaur - yeah i seen that old guy on the main floor. dang yall drove out to mm too? i'd have to say...MM > Love Parade Afterparty > Tiesto saving myself for popsicle next year.
are u serious... MM was not that great... for me, i don't think any rave will top this years EDC. so many epic performances. deep dish and above and beyond @#%$ killed it. at MM, all the dj's were pretty tight but markus didnt play any of his old stuff and all armin played was @#%$ from the new a state of trance.. judge jules was sick though.
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