***Montreal NTERS

Jul 19, 2005
i am moving to mtl next friday. just wanted to holla at mtl nters :nerd:
just holla at drunk b!tches on St Laurent on a Fri\Sat night at 3 am...
*** Barons swingman #7 ***

hope theres madd g's there

ill be living ithink around westend, beaconsfield i think i uno but anybody lives around there.

and if any mtl nters are sz10.5-11 i got some kicks to trade, :pimp:
cool, welcome to MTL. if you're moving to beaconsfield you're in the west-island. most english part of the city. I'm from the west too, i'm in D.D.O about 10 minutes away.
whats good, i lived in beaconsfield for like 13years, now im in kirkland (the next city over). nice safe place, kinda far from downtown but pretty good public transport around there.
nice to know my area is aight...

anyone want to trade in mtl... cause im not bringing all my shoes soo speak up...
First off welcome to MTL.

What do you have for trade? Im a size 11 guy too.
cool, i'll try and look around to see if anyone's interested. moving to mtl just cuz? or school, work, etc. pm me if anything.
im in mtl just cuz my family is moving there but i live in toronto soo ill be going back and forth alot...
Nothing in 10? I can stretch to 10.5, but rather wear 10's.

Welcome to the city. If you need guestlist for clubs, let me know. Don't pay those entrance fees, that's one extra drink. Hahahaha.
surf66 in pointe-claire is trying to get rid of their SB's if any of you are interested, they're all 30% off.
They still have a FSR of Goodfella dunk lows
Scattered sizes in Hemp P-Rods, High Hairs, Eire's, Lunars, Viotech Blazers, SB Classic (Jeremy Fish), Maplewood Zoom Tre's, and Sandlewoods. A few 6.0's and Team Editions too. I believe this sale is also at the Laval location as well.
^^ Ya, it should be. Friend of mine that works in the Pte.Claire one said they don't think they'll be getting anymore SB's at all.
Has anyone been to Exhibit A in the Shore yet? Ppl keep telling me about it. Is it legit? 2 locations I think. One in St. Bruno, and one in the dix30 shopping center from what ppl told me.
where are all these spots i think ill be living around beaconsfeild anyshops near there???
^^only one near Beaconsfield is surf66. it's on St.Jean Boulevard North, just after Fairview Mall.
is there anythin else in the West Island at all besides Surf for stuff other than the usual Footlocker/Athletes World stock...?
so i'm browsing through the retail locator on jumpman23.com and apparently La Godasse on St. Laurent has a LS account? Can anyone confirm this? Aysix, Chaplip?
that's gotta be a mistake
L'Style isn't coming to Canada until Fall/Holiday

From what I understand there's 10 accounts in the country that will be getting it. I know we'll be 4 of those accounts, and Livestock 2. I have no idea outside of that who'll be getting it but La Godasse seems like a weird choice considering they don't sell ANY jordans now.
hundred fifty dollar tennis shoes no suits
i hate to thread jack but im headin to montreal over the break pretty much as a grad trip so any of you guys got some recommendations on some good eats/spots people should definitely check out?
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