More NEW Cam'ron for ya...

Joined Jul 31, 2007
ed laughin when he started spittin

He was talkin about somethin in that 1st verse too. This beat goes xtra hard but it might be cuz I like da OG song

Man this is why Im a fan good beats and comedy, thats a combo right there. This mixtape is gonna be somethin special

Killa! :pimp:

Team Otaku
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initially i was hating on this just cuz some of the lyrics are so dumb, but I gotta appreciate someone spittin over journey.
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Joined Jun 19, 2007

og>this tho.

crack non the less.

and by og i mean the og cam version. off the kay slay mixtape in like 04...
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I used to think making bread at 18 was ill but last month alone I grossed 1800$ I know I'm not quite 18 but still... the flow so special got a 17.5 feel how real is that...
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Quote:[hr][/hr]Man this is why Im a fan good beats and comedy, thats a combo right there. This mixtape is gonna be somethin special[hr][/hr]

It's time to throw dude under the bus......... Does NY really need a dude like this at this point in their history????
Joined Sep 18, 2006
is this worth peepin? im on the sk and dont really feelin like gettin on the computer to dl some wack @#%$
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I like it the more I listen to it.

But that doesn't mean it's good..
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Quote:[hr][/hr]what shakin sugar?
im gettin cake,
fetti cheddy bacon, mooga,
she said she hate a pusha,
i said i hate a booga, a snotty attitude....[hr][/hr]

but yes i agree with Chrisceno 100%. i cant stand slow rapping.

these last two tracks im hearin, he soundin mad lazy, like hes only rappin cuz he feel he has too, not cuz he wants too, like he lost all passion, his swag is on E.

b smooth 202

Joined Dec 21, 2004
what the hell is this dude doin :rofl:
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