Mormon missionaries hoopin!

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Thought this was pretty funny! When I served my mission I did the exact same thing daily but had mixed results haha. I know someone will say something about the title saying "hood".

This is a video from my mission doing the same exact thing. Good times!
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Saw the first video earlier today :lol:

My eyes when dude dunked on him :wow:

Was the hoop at 10ft tho?
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My eyes lit up both times dude dunked lol it was with intensity too. Where were those vids filmed?
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I remember these mormon dudes used to ball at my park for like a week when I was a freshman in high school the dudes had mad handle and their big dude was like 6'6" and could dunk anything
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Yo I just saw this vid like 20mins ago on youtube...:lol:. Is it "trending" or something?

I like how they purposefully missed their shots during the shoot-around so as to look like cupcakes, then soon as the game starts, they switch to "you gon' learn today" mode...:lol:

Dope stuff nonetheless.

Thinking back, one of the best ballers I ever met was a (black) mormon from Arizona. After his scholarship year in prep school, dude went on his mission and I lost contact. Dude had game for days but still remained very humble despite his superior talents.

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Every Mormon church gotta b-ball gym in it. Nice vid and repped! Going to send to all my jack Mormon homies lol
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