Most accurate retro to date from Nike?

Sep 13, 2001
Just wondering based on some thoughts from another post but what in your opinion is the most ACCURATE retro Nike has released this year? Or any year for thatmatter? I guess you can include JB shoes in this as well but I was pondering this as I know as a NT retro forum surfer people take apart & basically"CSI" retros for flaws, colour variances, leather quality, etc.

Examples would be the upcoming Medicine Ball Trainer IIIs, the past Air Max BW Persians, etc.

Jump in with your vote or claim to the best true example of a Nike retro - (a true, faithful reproduction) I'd go with the first retro of Jordan IIs
The Godzillas were pretty accurate. That's what I think of off the top of my head.
ATC Lava's were pretty close. Royal blue Foams (not HOH), Bakins, a few others i cant think of right now.
cant really say to many cuz everyone will bring up the air bubble thing.
The whole first round of Jordan Retros in '94 very good save for changes in the elephant print on the IIIs. As of recently, I'd say the eggplantsnailed it pretty close. Almost all Flightposite models stay pretty true.
Zoom Flight 95 Carbon -no contest, they were perfect.
Royal Foamposite One -a close second.
ATC Lava- minor differences compared to the OG, but still a really good retro
I think for the most part, Nike has been coming correct with all the retro releases since last summer. Only thing they messed up on thats noticable are the airbubbles in their shoes.
I thought the tart ATC and Lava ATC both looked true to original... ZF carbon fibers too...

and I don't really mind the air bubbles too much (maybe on some models, but not nearly as much as NT complains about it), but my gripe with some retros ishow the shape keeps changing. the air max 87s are straight up fugly shaped these days with a big raised "square" looking toe box and thinner midsole.air force 1's have lost their original shape as well with that big square looking toe box. it really changes the look of the shoes, lot more than the airbubble, IMO. and that new hard plastic mesh they've been using has got to go.
Originally Posted by jthagreat

didnt yall say the penny 2's were pretty close? cept the bubble.

Close enough, but the pattern on the plate is noticeably different and the outsole is a different shade of blue.
Yea you gotta point about the structures, but the quality of the mesh sucked. Not sure if the OG was like that but that just turned alot of people off ...
The structure's colors were off from the og's - the grey was a lot darker for one thing...
I bought a pair of sample lava atc II's and they are kind of off (slimmer toe box, the lava print is slightly off, and the leather is thin)
I need a pair of the released version.
Zoom flight 95's Carbon. Simply perfect retro. I scooped up 10 pairs for a huge discounted price.
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