most anticipated: Drake vs Wale vs Big Sean

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This is something ive wanted to ask people cause me and buds will get into mad arguments about this
Who do you all think is the best?
Who's gonna hit the scene harder with their debut album?
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Originally Posted by Nasty Mane23

I never heard Big Sean music what should I check for

U Know Big Sean or Finally Famous are mixtapes out by him
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people checking for big sean? anyways even though i prefer wale, this is not even a question of opinion but its fact that drakesanticipation>>>>*(rookies or VETS)


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lol kid cudi stole all of big sean's hype/shine

probably drake though

i would like to see wale blow up because hes all about the lyrics.
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Honestly Big Sean doesn't belong. I don't think dude is make a big impact with his album when it comes to popularity. Musically it might be as good asWale's

Wale's buzz use to be big but it's steadily going down. Drake's buzz is the biggest but if he doesn't capitalize on it his shhh gonna go downas well.

As far as the music goes if Drake's album is like SFG Wale will have the better album. I don't think Drake should be trying to lobby to R&B and HipHop listeners on his 1st album. He just gonna come off as a poor man's Lauryn Hill imo. I'm not thinking of sales or anything like that just off talentand skill I think Wale is better now but Drake has potential to be way better if he really focuses with his first effort.
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To me Wale and Big Sean are tied and then Drake. Even though we all know Drake will sell out crowds and album cause of his buzz.
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