Most UNDERRATED players in the NFL

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So, as a die hard Jets fan, I am bias but I believe these two guys are most definitely underrated. First David Harris. Dude is a tackling machine. One of the most productive middle linebackers in the league. The secondary gets love in Ryans defense but noone gives Harris as much credit as he deserves. Here's a link to his stats.

Second is Jerricho Cotchery. Solid slot receiver that is tough as nails. Great hands and is a smart/HUMBLE football player. Why wouldn't you want a guy like him on your team. Yet I bet no one outside of NY/ AFC east really knows him. Here's a link to show his toughness (if someone could embed please)

I also think Aaron Rodgers is underrated along with Frank Gore who is more under appreciated than underrated. Its always about Brady and Peyton and Brees and Rodgers who is "up and coming", no. He's there and has the hardware AND stats to prove it. Gore being on the $#%@*% 49ers hurts his status as an elite RB in the league in my opinion

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Really? Those are known stars of their respective teams, even the league. Other two happen to be on your squad. Hmm.
Don't think knox from chicago gets his due.

Also Huff in Oakland. I'll take either on my squad anyday.
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Originally Posted by Caerus

Paul Poslusny
as a bills fan who watches all of their games, poz is not underated. injury prone and terrible in coverage. all he does is rack up tackles 10 yards downfield. if it's anyone on the bills its kyle williams
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Hakeem Nicks
Chad Greenway
Leon Hall
Louis Delmas
Alex Mack
Brian Orakpo
Shady McCoy
Brandon Mebane


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(Name players no one really talks about on your favorite team)
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John Abraham and Matt Schaub sure don't get paid like they're underrated...
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well if your talking about pay you can throw in lots of people (Desean Jackson, CJ2K, Foster, etc.)
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Originally Posted by Put em up

Curtis Lofton- cant stand the cat but he puts in work.
Very good player. Might be the most overlooked defensive player in the league.
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Probably be the homer in me, but I agree with OP when he put David Harris up there...
another one - Jim Leonhard.

put em up

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Copp 2 Of Em wrote:[hr][/hr]Probably be the homer in me, but I agree with OP when he put David Harris up there...
another one - Jim Leonhard.

Jets def missed this dude when he went down last year. lowkey it seem as the Jets camp panic.
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