Mothers Day....What You Getting/Gonna Do For Your Mom???

Joined Feb 17, 2007
Free customized hallmark card
and im also thinking about getting her chanel no.5 perfume
Joined Oct 18, 2005
Chanel Chance Fraiche and bouquet. i may go to church with her too havent decided.
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Im taking my Fiance and my mother out to Dinner........thats it.

Its a recession, i should just buy a card and thats it.............i got a down payment on a house to try to get before December 1st ya dig.
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Originally Posted by 951guero

damn hunch you missed out on that custom hallmark card
haha sup *#$$%.

everyone posting the about customized hallmark card, too late.
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i was breaking my head, decided to walk into the mall and found the perfect gift for her, since she likes to collect change and save it in this hugeeeeeecontainer, i found this coin counter at Brookstone, all u have to do is dip ur change in it, hit the button and it splits up the change, counts it and was only 35$, so i added a Burberry perfume gift box.
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i dont have any its my lil sisters bday....That means more since she is turning 8....soo ill scrap some dollars together for her gift and just hugn kiss for moms day...
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Mom dukes wants an outdoor grill. No prob. Hook those ribs and steaks up for the summer mama. Oh, and I got my grandma one of those edible arrangements(it's where they make the "plant" out of fresh fruits). For those of you that need an idea I think that's a good one. She can enjoy eatingfresh fruit as opposed to staring at roses/flowers.
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Hopefully have the chance to just talk to her, it's been hard but i'm glad she is at least here on this earth with me :smile: so im happy. As for one of mygrandma's i'm going to get tickets for Joel Osteen when he comes to the dodge arena because she's great fan of his.


formerly piczon1983
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Originally Posted by uknowho85

A Prayer. Moms passed away 2 years ago. RIP
I got you man. Sorry to hear hat. Got a hallmark for my moms. But shes been really wanting a GPS unit for the longest time. Any adviceon where ican find a decent priced one? Funds are a lil low
Joined Sep 23, 2005
im looking to throw a family cookout, in honor of all the moms in the fam.

i love family cookouts.
Joined Jan 24, 2007
Mothers day + mom's bday next week...I got her a nice Coach bag. Too bad I can't give it to her until August.
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