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Jul 4, 2002
anyone seen this store??? l&d, new era, etc. Right across from Launch/Footprints...
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Open's Mid-October.

Renovation of the space is coming along and looks really clean.
Going to be really nice high end threads (no kicks) in a modern designed space.

Crooks too.'s all just hear-say anyway.
Whats up NT, this is Mike the main owner of Motivation. We are set to be the Ann Arbor areas first streetwear clothing boutique and like LIPDUNK said (whats up Eric!) we will be opening in mid-October. We are located at 1203 S. University, across from Launch/Footprints and next to Chinagate. Opening day should be Monday Oct. 15 if all goes as planned from here on out, but the city has held up our renovations twice already so we dont want to set a concrete date until we get our final inspectiongotta love the city of Ann Arbor :stoneface:
indifferent.gif and we are confirming more and more brands as we get closer to opening. Look out for our opening sale, we are going to have the whole store on sale and giveaways for everyone too.
I'll pay a visit.
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Good Good Good Good Stuff.

I'll be there whenever you open.

Michigan is doing BIG things lately with more to come (cough cough more tier 1 - it's coming soon fellas)
Team Wolverine
are you guys going to be stocking them at srp?
I don't care if Starbury is always blazed.​
Dope, I'll be sure to check you guys out as soon as you launch.
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Haha yeah we had a guy installing the frosted glass signs on the windows so everyone got a sneak peak for a few hours. Its like 75% done inside there but no clothes in there yet, theyre all in storage at my place so they dont get dirty while we are building everything.

We are actually opening the 24th now, we had to push it back because of the city...never open a store in Ann Arbor unless you have PATIENCE! They still havent approved us to open because of some problems with the emergency lighting. Apparently you need to make sure a blind man can see out of your store should the power go off :stoneface:
Premium Streetwear /// Ann Arbor,
Whats up NT, so we are finally set to open this Wednesday the 24th, and are having a big sale with giveaways for everyone from Wed - Sunday the 28th. Stop by if you can, at least get a free Kanye/9th Wonder mixtape & a tshirt and check out the spot!...The tshirts are limited though (we only pressed a certain amount, the CDs we have 2000 of though :smokin
Premium Streetwear /// Ann Arbor,
OH giggity gig soo there tommorow after class!
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Hey Mike it was nice meeting you guys today. Good look on the shirt, and the cd is dope! I'll definitely be stopping in next time I'm in town.
use code CN13276 at for 20% off dope gear

Thanks you three above & thanks to everyone who I met this first week for coming out, hope you enjoy your Kanye CDs, tshirts, and any gear you picked up! The opening sale ends Sunday but we are coming right back with something for you on Monday.....LUPE FIASCO will be in store! Thats right our sixth day open and we already got the celebs coming through...heres the details:

LUPE FIASCO will be at MOTIVATION on Monday 10.29.07 from 1 PM to 1:30 PM meeting his fans, signing autographs, taking pictures, and checking out the dopest new store in Michigan! Also we will be giving out a limited re-pressing of the mixtape our co-owner Mick Boogie did with Lupe over a year ago!

So if you go to U of M or are in the Ann Arbor area, check Lupe out at his FREE appearance on the Diag on U of M's campus at Noon and then bring your cameras and head over to our shop to meet him one-on-one at 1PM sharp! We will be letting people in the store 5 to 10 at a if you want to meet him be there sharp after his appearance...

Also, Lupe's new album "The Cool" is in stores Decemeber 18th, make sure you cop it and support real hip hop!
Premium Streetwear /// Ann Arbor,
hey Mike will you guys be getting ALIFE in soon?
use code CN13276 at for 20% off dope gear

We are starting in Spring 08 with Alife, so our first shipment will arrive in Jan, then subsequent drops in Feb & March.

We also just picked up The Hundreds and Orisue, both of which we are really excited about as they are top-notch, high quality, and complete streetwear brands. The Hundreds needs no introduction to most of you, and Orisue has been killing it this year (especially with their denim) plus they are very affordable. We are really excited to be one of their few accounts in Michigan (not sure if there are any others), look out for some special stuff. We will have The Hundreds in starting in Spring 08, and select pieces from Orisue should be in by the end of next week.

Lastly, for those of you that missed Lupe, we will have R&B singer Trey Songz as well as new Atlantic Records signee Deemi in store for autographs and pictures Friday 11/2 at 4PM sharp!

Premium Streetwear /// Ann Arbor,
Hey whats up, yep we've been getting new shipments in every couple of days actually and have alot lined up in the next 2 weeks. Ive been meaning to posthere about it but we now have an official blog, you can reach it by going to:

We update it at least 3-4 times a day with random stuff but also inventory updates when we have something new in. Everything wont be pictured on the blogthough so youll actually have to stop in the store to see everything new haha.

Anyways this week we got in the new drops from Rogue Status (Monday) & Lemar & Dauley (today) already. Later this week and next week we expect to haveall of these in at some point:

The Hundreds - Holiday
3Sixteen - Fall Part 2
Orisue - select pieces from their Fall shipments 1,2 & 3 as well as Holiday Part 1
Undr Crwn - Holiday
Crooks & Castles - Im sure some of the rest of their holiday shipment will come in, they still have to release alot of stuff!
Lemar & Dauley - Rest of Fall (Cut & Sew and Sweatshirts)
Hellz Bellz - Holiday
Harajuku Lovers - Winter
Tokidoki - Winter

So we have alot of new stuff coming in for both the fellas and the ladies, Peace!
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