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Joined Dec 23, 2006
This new year has been pretty crazy for me. But with all the madness I still push forward.

The following quote was sent to me last week and I find it to be truly inspirational.

I've read it everyday for the past week as a way to start off my day.

I figured I'd share it with my NT family.

[font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][h1]"Sometimes what you think will work great, doesn't work at all. But that doesn't mean that nothing will work.[/h1]
Sometimes you build your hopes up, only to be disappointed. But that doesn't mean that your hopes have lost their value.

On the contrary, your hopes and ideas have great value, even though they may expose you to great frustration. Though it may be over difficult and uneven terrain, they do push you forward.

Your ideas are still valid, your hopes are still justified, and your dreams are still alive. Pick yourself up, adjust your approach based on what you've learned, and make another attempt.

Feel the joy of knowing that you can persevere. Transform the power of the challenge into your own inner strength.

Grow your way forward, through the triumphs and the setbacks. Persist, and anything is within your reach."

-- Ralph Marston
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