Movie, album or tv show that had the components for greatness, but failed?

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My vote is for Group Home's Livin Proof. 

It came out in 1995, and was produced by DJ Premier when he was at the TOP of his game.  The beats on this thing are business. I mean they still stand the test of time.  Hip hop classic. But the lyrics are some of the worst in hip hop history (with all due respect to Puffy and Master P). 

Your vote? 
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The new movie Drive. Could have been soo much cooler and not awkward and weird
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Honestly, Pretty Little Liars. I was hoping for a noir mystery taking place in the world of a teen drama and was so disappointed at how bland it was.
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Personally i dont think it was a failure. The entire season is amazing. Wish it could have continued. 
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i used to stick around on Fridays/Sat i think and watch Fast Lane. basically your generic summer cool guy movie.....
wait ...i  just thought of Family Guy Peter's bit about Fox tv shows that failed 
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I liked the album, but I was expecting it to be classic Lupe lyrics over better, more creative beats. In my opinion, the beats weren't very good in his previous albums (which is one of the reasons I like his mixtapes more), so I was hoping for Lasers to be some kind of updated Lupe. The album was different but it was still alright.
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Millenium - Didn't necessarily fail, but was cancelled after 3 seasons. I wanted see more of this show.
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That Flash Forward show that got cancelled in it's first season. Thought it was going to be the next big mystery show after Lost. Thought wrong.
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It was almost there, it just needed something other than Pinbacker.

The original with double the budget and Brad Pitt woulda been

Dollhouse ... almost

Lost Season 6
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Originally Posted by ToddCorbo

Since my pic dont wanna work, co-sign on this. I got sucked in with season 1 and it all went to crap  
I want to blame the writer's strike but seeing where they went after it was over, I feel like it wasn't meant to be. I stopped after I few episodes into season 3. As much as I want to man up and just start over and watch everything start to finish, I can't bring myself to do it because I know I'll be disappointed 
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I got so many people hyped off the first season of Heroes, just for it to turn into...that.

I called it though...during the first season finale I said damn...they messed that the show suck now.
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The tracey morgan show

it had john witherspoon, tracey morgan, and katt williams and that funny lil kid from role models... i think it lasted like 3 quarters of a season
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