Movie Suggestions? (For a Class)

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I need to write a paper on a movie that is "non-western". I have to write about how the movie reflects significant 20th century issues and concerns. It's for a humanities class that revolves around modern art and performances.
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I don't know if Italian/French 20th century films count as Western or not.
but if they don't

Look at
400 Blows
The Bicycle Thief

I''m in a film class right now and we watched both of these films, they do a great job of portraying culture and issues of post WWII Europe.
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Gomorra. Italian movie about the current state of the Camorra (Italian crime syndicate). It's so true that the original book author's under full-time police protection from the crime groups. You can say that it's about the growing problem of crime and how the dirty money is making it's way into legal forms of business and government all over the world i.e. crime syndicates funneling their money into city projects/legal local businesses/major government projects
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