Movies about classical music

Apr 1, 2009
any recommendations? I can't think of anymore to watch. doesn't have to be necessarily ABOUT classical music, but I don't know any other way to putit.
maybe my favorites will show you what I'm talking about. I like Shine, The Red Violin, The Pianist, August Rush (not a favorite but it wasn't bad).can't really think of anymore at the moment.
but yeah if yall know of any more like those let me know.
First two that came to mind were Amadaeus and The Red Violin. Haven't seen it, but what about 'Immortal Beloved' (about LvB)?
i've seen Immortal Beloved before, i don't really like the ones based in the old times all that much. Amadeus was good though
looking into Mr Holland's Opus though looks interesting
Don't know much about movies but there are a few Asian drama series about classical music which are good. Not for those who can't read subtitlesthough.



The dude who played Omar in Scarface is in it...
There was a live action drama and an anime. I've never used those streaming sites to watch drama but you might try crunchyroll, dramacrazy or mysoju asthose seem to be popular.

That's probably all I can mention here though.

Almost forgot about how ridiculous this show was until I watched this clip @ about 2 minutes in. And this clip also.

Amadeus was badass. I need to watch it again.
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