Moving to Memphis in mid July: Please Help Me

Joined Dec 14, 2005
Whats up guys, in mid July I'll be moving from the Bmore/DMV area to Memphis and there are a lot of thing I need to know.

-What are some good areas to live in? Ideally I would like a pretty diverse area w/ relatively low crime rate, no roaches/rodents, and some personality to it. Areas me and my gf were looking at were South Bluffs, Park Estate, Main 10, and the Gayoso. Can you guys weigh in on them?

-Also want to know what the cost of living is like, things like car insurance, gas, food cots.

-What is the public transportation system like?

-Where are the good hangout spots?

-Where are the good places for shoes and clothing? I'm mainly into Jordans, AM's, and Foams. (Definitely need to know where I can get the penny's from when they drop)

-What are the good internet service providers and phone companies?

And anything else you guys can think of that would be helpful. Maybe I can meet up with some of you guys when I move down there.
Joined Jan 18, 2008
You're the guy in TFA right? I think I remember your screen name.

Of course I'm not in Memphis but I'm an hour south in Clarksdale. I cant provide you with much information since I dont live there..

Where is institute for you?
Joined Dec 14, 2005
Yes sir that is me, institute is going to be in ATL.

Do you know anybody who may be able to help me with these questions?
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