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Amazing episode! That final bit between Elliot and Mr. Robot was fantastic especially editing and music.

Truly some great stuff.

Also not excited for Vera comin back, hope he dies a very painful death for what he did to Shayla
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Yeah Esmail must have big plans for Vera to somehow factor into the main plot but I dunno how he's gonna do it because I always just saw him as a minor villain for Elliot early on.

Might have been the last we see of Irving, great character...wish we'd get more about his origins. It was interesting saying he used to be White Rose's lieutenant just like Grant was but I guess he was demoted to just be a cleaner instead of getting killed?

Feel like next season has to be the last one. We're at a point where now the story is White Rose vs. Elliot/whoever else stands in her way. Mr. Robot and Elliot look like they're finally gonna be on the same page so we're done with those 3 seasons of inner conflict.

Hope they give Tyrell a lot to do next season, I think he's the wildcard...he can definitely be a game changer
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Joey is wild funny in the show without effort, I'm happy he's still around even in a minimal role, he worked that tool crazy last episode
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I’ll be honest Joey scares TF outta me.

We can be talking about the space time continuum, parallel universes, self work, etc.

Then next thing you know he will clap ya after that type of convo because of his orders.

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I'm interested in Vera returning to be a more local villain, Elliot could be killed at any point by White Rose and the Dark Army, so giving him a real, local threat like that where he has to deal with a more unstable person, could be interesting.

I loved the way the story progressed this season. The build up, the release, and where we ended up with Elliot, White Rose, E-Corp, everything. Just smart writing, interesting plots, and executed really well. I had no idea what direction they were going to go, the axe to the chest, Leon turning the gun on the Dark Army soldiers, Elliot and Robot's conversation throughout the end... just excellent stuff.


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finally got to see the finale :wow:

irving snapped :wow:

vera byke :nerd:

joey with that aim.

dom in too deep.

elliot thought he was pushed the whole time. wonder what else he remembers incorrectly.

price x angela is going to be a force.

tyrell plotting.

i want to know what white roses end game really is. dont think we really know.

darlene might go rogue because she feels bad for dom.

great season.


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Just caught up with the show. Definitely slept on it. Too :pimp:

I don’t know what it is about Darlene, but I wanna clap those cheeks :evil:
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‘Mr. Robot’ Sounds Like It Only Has One Season Left


If #PeakTV was a Hunger Games-type competition, Mr. Robot would volunteer as USA Network’s tribute. It’s the channel’s most prestigious series, with (mostly) glowing reviews and 13 Emmy nominations, including two wins for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series (Rami Malek) and Outstanding Music Composition for a Series. But all good things must come to an end — a bloody end, if we extend this Hunger Games metaphor — and according to Christian Slater, Mr. Robot‘s upcoming fourth season will also be its last.

“I believe that will be the last season,” he told Collider. “[Creator Sam Esmail] always said it was going to be somewhere in that zone, and he didn’t want to go further than what he could creatively contribute to that storyline. So, I think that season four will be it. I think they’re in the writers’ room, as we speak, putting it all together, but I have no idea what it’s gonna be, or if I’m gonna be floating in and out of scenes. I have no idea, so we’ll see what happens.”

I guess that makes Miz & Mrs. USA’s new Hunger Games entrant. Good luck,Better Call Saul and Killing Eve! Slater also called Mr. Robot relevant “to what’s been going on in our current society and the horrors that we’re dealing with.”

Another day, another ALF-related horror.


Outside of Mr. Robot, Sam Esmail and Rami “Freddie Mercury” Malek are also working on a thriller about an undercover Muslim FBI agent.

Meant to say earlier in the day, Rami Malek basically said he has no idea what Christian Slater is talking about and doubts it'll end in season 4.
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Actually haven't finished that last season that aired. When is season four coming out?
Per Digital Spy:

"There was no official release date in the renewal news, but while the first two seasons landed in the summers of 2015 and 2016, season three was pushed back to October 2017 – so October 2018 is probably the best shout".
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Damn. One of my favorite shows.

I'm hopeful for more, but I'm also thankful that Sam Esmail seemed to have this thing somewhat planned out.

At least they'll be allowed to close the show out on their own terms. Look forward to what they do with this next season.
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I've really loved this show. IMO, it's so well done from actors, story lines, cinematography, the score, the music... I love how there is no intro theme music. Just has an opening with the titles off center & such. I'm cool with one more season, but I hope they wrap things up nicely.
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Damn. One of my favorite shows.

I'm hopeful for more, but I'm also thankful that Sam Esmail seemed to have this thing somewhat planned out.

At least they'll be allowed to close the show out on their own terms. Look forward to what they do with this next season.
I'll take a show ending on its own terms over multiple seasons of aimless, drawn out BS 10 times out of 10. I hate re-watching a show and knowing I'll have to stop at a certain point in the middle of its run because it stopped making sense...*cough* Dexter *cough*
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