MTV banned commercial

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Originally Posted by Dr Spaceman

who can name all the references?

Golden Showers
gay sex(anal sex?)
Rusty Trombone
Midget sex?
beastiality /zoophilia
no idea what the asian one is
pearl necklace
dirty sanchez
shaved kitties
kitty lickers
femdom and i think dude was wearing a diaper, so diaper fetish
latex fetish
tea bagging
"rooster"(the other name) ring
think i got them all, probably a few i dont the real name of. but correct me if im wrong.
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Hairless Cat = Hairless Kitty
Ring on the Rooster = Ryhmes with "Sock" Ring
Midget Maid = Midget and/or Maid porn?
Pearl necklace = Beads?
Tiger and mouse = Cat & Mouse
2 Lesbians = Self explanatory
Lady with sausage = Giant Weiner

...still laughing at Dirty Sanchez
...all I could come up with. Rest were easy.

How come no Donkey show?
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