MTV Presents The Challenge: Rivals II Begins July 10, 2013

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They're back! Starting Wednesday, July 10, 32 cast members from past Real World and Challenge seasons will be battling it out for $350,000 on MTV's The Challenge: Rivals II.
The show's premise is sure to create drama -- 16 women and 16 men will be divided into two-person teams, with one of their most bitter rivals serving as their partner. The rivals will have to work together to win -- all while competing in strenuous activities in the show's atypical fashion. The season was filmed in Thailand, where 2009's Challenge: The Ruins was shot.
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Surprisingly, exes Diem Brown and CT Tamburello will both be back, competing on separate teams this time around. The couple became a fan favorite during 2007's The Duel after Tamburello helped Brown recover from ovarian cancer, but split two years later. Despite the time apart, the former flames endured many tension-filled moments on The 2009's Duel II and then on 2012's Battle of the Exes.
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Brown is currently in remission after a second bout of cancer, but hints to Us Weekly that competing alongside her temperamental ex was not easy. "Things are more complicated than ever!" she says.
2011 Challenge: Rivals winner Paula Meronek is also competing again, as well as Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio, who's a four-time Challenge winner, having won in 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012. Devenanzio holds the title of having won the most challenge prize money ever -- totaling $266,543 thus far.
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Us Weekly has the exclusive first look at the rest of the rivals who will be competing together. See the full list below:
Male Teams
-CT (RW: Paris) & Wes (RW: Austin)
-Jordan (RW: Portland) & Marlon (RW: Portland)
-Knight (RW: New Orleans) & Preston (RW: New Orleans)
-Zach (RW: San Diego) & Trey (RW: St. Thomas)
-Dunbar (RW: Sydney) & Tyrie (RW: Denver)
-Frank (RW San Diego) & Johnny (RW: Key West)
-Derek (RW: Cancun) & Robb (RW: St. Thomas)
-Ty (RW: DC) & Leroy: (RW: Las Vegas)
Female Teams
-Paula (RW: Key West) & Emily (RW: DC)
-Sarah (RW: Brooklyn) & Trishelle (RW: Las Vegas)
-Nany (RW: Las Vegas) & Jonna (RW: Cancun)
-Cooke (RW: Las Vegas) & Naomi (RW: Las Vegas)
-Camila (The Challenge: Cutthroat) & Jemmye (RW: New Orleans)
-Anastasia (RW: Portland) & Jessica (RW: Portland)
-Diem (Fresh Meat Challenge) & Aneesa (RW: Chicago)
-Jasmine (RW: Cancun) & Theresa (Fresh Meat II)

Will only watch to see Nany's mass. No Laurel and no Cara Maria though. Will not wash.


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Watching for cooke.
whoever chose the bird & jessica over nia and averey needs to be fired.
johnny & frank lulz
inb4 omg dis show iz still on?
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CT :smokin

Him and Wes are gonna be a powerhouse. I think bird and jess will be gone 1-2 episodes in >D


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Ty and Leroy are an automatic win, this is gonna be a great season
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Hopefully Ty's soft *** heart doesn't hold back my dude LeRoy from winning. There's plenty of quit in Ty when he's pushed to his limit :smh:

No quit in Roy Lee, though :pimp:
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CT & Wes are going to win this; almost no point in watching. Hope CT gives Johnny another piggy back ride in the process.:lol:
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Jasmine again. :stoneface:

Jordan only has 1.5 hands, bruh. I saw him wakeboard and whatever, but...
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-Anastasia (RW: Portland) & Jessica (RW: Portland)
:rofl: Worst team ever in the history of the show, calling it now

Wes and CT obviously have to be the favorites. But the Jordan/Marlon and Ty/Leroy teams will be interesting. Ty is soft and has no competitiveness, I could see him pissing Leroy off.
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Hopefully Ty's soft *** heart doesn't hold back my dude LeRoy from winning. There's plenty of quit in Ty when he's pushed to his limit :smh:

No quit in Roy Lee, though :pimp:
If Roy can drag Mike all the way to a final, Ty shouldn't be a problem.

For those picking CT and Wes, Wes is a clown who's been sent home early the last couple Challenges. I have zero faith in Wes.
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Tyrie needs to hang it up :smh: :lol:

Everybody is going to team up against Ty & Leroy :smh:
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This cast >>>>> the last challenge.

I don't even remember who was on last season's challenge that's how forgettable it was.
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jordan and marlon is gonna be a good team.

jordan only has 1.5 hands but i'm pretty sure he's a really good athlete. whenever he goes on runs during the show he books it :lol:

and marlon played linebacker at texas tech
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