MTV's The Challenge: War of the Worlds - Season 33, Page 129

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The US has too many egos to continue to dominate. That challenge was perfectly layered to their favor.

It's just looking like a lull because Wes has to lay low now. Bananas been laying low, Jordan is being loud and annoying and Tori ain't gonna stop him, Laurel is gonna let Bear from the other team smash, CTs the insider for the UK team, Zach will eventually pledge allegiance to someone, Nany hasn't gone bat **** crazy and Paulie hasn't even puffed his chest out yet nor has Cara gone emo. It's all just beginning. :lol:
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Seems as if they edited down what really happen in the Faith vs. UK fight.

The UK guys apparently got aggressively all in her face and called her outside of her name, JEK style

Cast had to console Faith

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Yea Faith definitely done. Unless she was physically/sexually harassed then she likely has no ground to stand on and this gets brushed off.

Was also strange how TJ just briefly mentioned Zahida having to leave for a family member illness. Hopefully she returns at least once more, that online material she has, sheeesh, looking like a snack.

Big T appeared to put up a good fight in the elimination (at least the edit showed that) and I knew Georgia wasn't going to jump ship for the US team.

If the US continues there dominance I can def see them "trimming the fat" in either throwing a challenge in the next few rounds or throwing one of their own into an elimination vs a Brit.
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I dont see anything wrong faith did honestly...
She shot. and people caught strays. if it was a house prank there'd be no problem with it. people would just be mad but there'd be a big group laughing it off.

damn I want to know next week now. Master Zik Master Zik where them spoilers at?
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Bear wack as hell this season. He’s trying too hard for the cameras. The **** he’s doing isn’t funny.

Kam driving me crazy. She needs to shut up and play, she talks too much **** and sounds dumb.

I’m all over Esther’s body, ****
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I swear some of yall be having issues for no reason. Everyone looked scared when it came to who was going to be def wasnt going to be a guy. Plus a safe Alliance is cara and her dude cuz they're good performers. Plus cara knows she can beat kam so taking her to finals benefits all of them.

JJ Goon

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This cast? Sure but that's cuz of the UK ppl.

I at least know of the US ppl and many have long storied arcs over a bunch of reality TV shows.
The UK selection was strange this season. A couple of the cast I have never seen on UK TV.
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Sadly, not surprised.

Gotta ask again, is that lame dude black that she's gonna have a romance with later on?

Oh and I been saw what was up with the 2 black girls being up for elimination. If it wasnt for Kam, that's probably who it would've been.
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