MTV's The Challenge: War of the Worlds - Season 33, Page 129

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- The Americans got way too many folks that wanna be chiefs. :lol: They gon kill each other.

- CT can be the unquestionable leader of his team

- Torrie look good but her personality just seem fake. She forcing a lot of slang, just sounded crazy. Stop. :lol:

Cam look GOOD right here. Shut the hell up Georgia. :lol:
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“No pancakes tomorrow boyz, they took away the pan” :rofl:

I just caught up to last weeks episode. Apparently, there was way more to that situation than what they showed, but that comment from near had me cracking up.
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Love seein Wes get crushed, but incredibly stupid by USA to let UK keep one of their best. USA could have been a step closer to complete domination.
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Feel like this move is going to end up costing the US

Josh let Laurel & Bananas play him like a fiddle

Wes looked shellshocked like Bananas did when Tony turned on him. He lost as soon as Josh gave that bozo speech
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If one wanted to examine said photographs, where would he/she look?
Usually all you have to do with these sort of things is type the person’s name + nude, make sure your safe search isn’t restricted and them click on Images

Joined Dec 27, 2014
I was cracking up during the challenge when Kyle was hanging on to the pole and was up to the ceiling of the wheel/tube. CT is like "what are you doing? Get down!" :lol:
Joined May 6, 2015
Josh is def an idiot and I can see him being thrown in the next guys elimination. Interested to see what happens with the US team as those egos are bound to clash down the line with the likes of Laurel, Cara Maria, Paulie, Jordan and Bananas.

Had a feeling Bear was gonna win that elimination from the jump as Wes seemed demoralized before it even started.
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