Much THANKS to my goodfellas over at GOODFOOT!

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Oct 28, 2005
BIG UPS to all my dudes over at GoodFoot for showing love! My FilAct squad The Barons are now sponsored and GDFT fitted us up nice! Now we dont need to hustle every year to cover our expenses! LoL!

We won our 'ship last season and we're going for the repeat this year freshly dipped in Bron IV's! So far we're 5-0 and that target on the back is so we stay hungry cuz dudes is now gunnin' for us!

Without furthur a do I present the 2006-2007 GoodFoot Barons...

*** Barons swingman #7 ***
nice, good job with the sponsorships.

Its always good to see Goodfoot showing some love.
when we get into the playoffs y'all should come out and support for reals...I guarantee an exicting game and good ball...

sorry Danny but cherry picking wont fly in these leagues LoL!
*** Barons swingman #7 ***
so no chance of crackin the squad eh...
NP83 do u run in FilAct or FilCan already? if so then you should know what's good with the Barons since we've been at the top of those leagues for a few years now...

Danny, linking up like that was fun and we should mos def do it again soon! LoL @ J with tha fadeaway perfects! :wow:
*** Barons swingman #7 ***
^ naw i dont, ive been lookin for a league to join since i moved to TO a few monthes back.

^ Sweet uni and Brons...

So how can I join Hek?

Haha...nah...I really need to get into playing shape...haven't played recreational and competitively for years...I literally mean years, like 4-5 years...

So anybody want to organize a weekly game?
FOR SALEdOubleO @ gmail . com (just remove the spaces)
niiiiiice..... good looks to the GDFT FAM!!!!...wowww impressed..... FiLACT yesssss.... HEK, if u need a CENTRE BENCH u got my number... buahaha..
"....its like CRACK to a JUNKIE...."
wait is this a team or something? sorry man i dont know what this is haha
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FilAct and FilCan are Filipino-Canadian basketball leagues. All sorts of ages can be found.

Anybody play SBA or OBA instead?
Looking for: 8-8.5 De La Lows , 8.5-9 PL/non Purple Avengers & 8-8.5 Jordan XVI

C B 4
20-12 Player
Very dope... LBJ4's must be comfy to ball in...

Need a next PG that can't shoot for beans but pass below a mediocre level? lol...

Is Erfe playing for you sir?! I need to reach of y'all games...

What'cha Gonna Do, When The Milhouse Runs Wild... On YOU!
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Filipino's got there own ball league's? Is there like a two non Filipino player's allowed on each team or something.
lol aaron...

anyways props to your team..and to goodfoot for doing this. good luck in the play-offs or w/e.
WANTED A.S.A.P!!: [SIZE: 8.5 - 9.5 // CONTACT:]
air max: am 90: crepe/hemp, snakeskin/python, black-lime & any other nice ones / am 1: crepe, atmos (viotech), newspaper
jordan: all jordan IV's, jordan VI low black/silver (2002), jordan I hi's
dunk (SB): dunk hi shima shima II, sea crystal, takashi
other: tear-away vandals, delta force 3/4 Deluxe (auber/snake), any nice blazers/court forces..and puma clyde highs RE-SELLERS, PM ME..
Looking good Hek, carrying on the Trooper tradition to the Tdot! Respect to Goodfoot for the support, the Barons and Brons were made for each other. :D
^ They should wrote B'rons on the shirt for Barons and Brons ...heh
FOR SALEdOubleO @ gmail . com (just remove the spaces)
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