Multiple Legit Checks: Nubuck XII, Melo XII, Laser IV

Joined May 9, 2008
Hey guys. I've got a couple possible deals in the works and I need to make sure these shoes are legit before pulling the trigger on anything. I have a goodfeeling they are, especially the Melo XII and Laser IV's, because I've had good experiences with this guy before. Just wanted your guys'confirmation. Thanks in advance!

Nubuck XII

Melo XII

Laser IV


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Joined May 3, 2009
You are good, legit. Although the picture quality makes the laser IV's look pink not red.
Joined May 9, 2008
Awesome, thanks for all your help guys. The deal fell through with the guy that had the Melo 12's and Laser 4's, but I did get the Nubuck 12's for$90 shipped. They just came in today, so I'll post them in the pickup post later on today.
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