Murder at my house....(Pics, not for weak of stomach)

Jul 19, 2004
Sad day...I knew something was up when I went upstairs after school....and I walk into my parent's room and its a mess. I walk in there and there I seehim...just laying there with his belly exposed full of blood...not much more I'm going to say, I'll let you guys have a look...R.I.P.

And the one responsible for this....
my cat does this, but brings it to me when shes done as some sort of trophy.
i think its awesome, but at the same time im shook of her catching something from a mouse or some %*%#
I have some finch and rabbits at my house, everyday we let them outside but in their cage. Theres always this one cat next door that always tries to get them,if that ever happens I swear I'm going to kill it.
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